For years we have been trying all avenue’s to help my daughter and her fiance  immigrating to Australia.  Simone is a qualified Health and Beauty Therapist (Internationally qualified) but her job description is not on the list.  There’s no possible road or avenue we have not tried.  On their visits before, we have seen more than one immigration agent, they investigated quite a few back in South Africa and every time found ourselves nowhere to turn.  I actually assumed as a parent being an Australian Citizen, the process will be so much easier!!  Think again….assumption won’t bring you anywhere!!

So here we are, finally found the right immigration agent…..and the process is in full swing!  They will come on a personal sponsership visa, having to work on a visa 457 for 2 years before applying for permanent residency.  We have received all the applications and paperwork …now where to start?!!

Subclass 457 (Business (Long Stay) Visa Program, Character Assessment, Requirements and document instructions, Bank Statements, Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Statements, Relevant extracts from your business plan including cash flow projections, Contracts, Lease Agreements, Certified Birth Certificates,  X-Rays and Blood Tests, Police Clearance…Sponsoring overseas employees!!  One of the attachments including in all of this is 700 pages long….too much to even print out!

I understand that all of the above is necessary, as so many illegal people try to “slip” the system and use and abuse their rights.  All of the above we will do with a smile on our faces. Even going through this process, we still can’t take it for granted that they will be approved.  So what I’m asking for now……is your prayers!!   I will keep you updated in time to come.  oxo

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