For weeks I have been looking around to buy a new camera.  There are an increasingly array of them on the market so I had a real choice ahead of me!!  I did not want something too big, one just big enough to slip into my bag or pocket but had to have all of the quality features at the “professional” end.  I started my research in the internet….only to be totally confused reading about adaptability, speed, optical viewfinders, large ISO range, manual controls, quality optics, memory cards, filters…..too many to even mention. 

I had set myself a budget for what I wanted and went on a mission yesterday!   It took me the whole morning to find the one I decided on and came home, loaded with memory cards, extra batteries, camera bag and extended warrantee!!! Then spending the rest of the afternoon just to work out how to put everything together….let alone reading the instructions and how to operate this sophisticated contraption!!  After all, all I want to do is take pictures.  Why do they have to make it so difficult?

Needless to say, I did not go to bed before midnight and when the sun came up this morning, I was at it again!!!  These are a few of my “attempts”…now I need some sleep!!

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