The first couple of years were really a struggle for me to find my feet in a new country, it’s as if your history has been wiped away and you have been handed a clean slate to start fresh.  You have to learn how to do things their way, learning how to get to certain places and most importantly, making new friends. 

Then… sent by God, Karen came into my life.  They just moved from New Zealand and we became neighbours.  Exactly the same process I went through previously, happened to her.   The most amazing thing was that we both felt as if we have known each other forever. After moving away as her neighbour two years ago, I truly missed the interaction, our walks together in the morning…..just running over when I needed something….the fact that we were there for each other!

My joy this week is overwhelming as Karen and her family are moving into a house just up the road from me.  No more driving long distances to be together….we can go for our walk again every morning,  we can grow closer…share and learn from each other. Some people become friends and stay a while, others come and quickly go, some only stay for a season  or reason but,  Karen came and will stay for a lifetime!!!

I love you my BEST FRIEND….and look so forward to the next chapter in our lives.  You will always have that special place in my heart!!

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  1. tracyisjustsayn Says:

    Thumbs up on this one. Just Say’n

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