It has always been a struggle during the night with Coco sleeping on my bed.  He has the tendancy to nestle up close and even though there’s more than enough space on the king size bed, for some reason he thinks he has the right to all the space.  Seriously, so many times he’s taken over the prime soft spot in the bed, no place for me to be comfortable, leaving me grasping the very edges while he stretches out in luxury. It normally starts the minute I start walking upstairs to go to my room, he races me to bed….settling himself FIRST, before I get there.  It would not be a problem if he’s been snoozing and hops off as soon as I show up, but another altogether when I have to order him out of the way or physically haul him aside so I can lay down!!

Which brings me to the topic of this blog…Dog Beds!!!   Over time I think I am the one that has developed a phycological problem because I cannot resist walking pass a pet shop where they sell dog beds!!  I have tried them all, the standard pillow that looks like a cushion, a nest dog bed (with raised edges), donut bed, orthopedic bed, raised dog bed and even a heated bed!!!!!!!!    All in vain because I still can’t get him to sleep in his own bed.   Don’t get me wrong, during daytime he loves lying on his bed but as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow, he will not sleep on it during the night!

Yesterday we went to lunch and just happen to walk past this new pet shop with the most beautiful dog beds (yes…..again!!)  Not wanting to go into too much detail, I walked out with another and this time with a “mink” blanket to match.   I came home overly excited thinking that THIS will be the “right” one…….and guess what?  He slept on the bed again…now I’m asking you….who is the one with the problem????  

In my “next life” I want to come back as Coco…..just have to make sure I have the same “PACK LEADER“??????????


  1. LOL…Oh sister, can I ever relate to this! My mini Dachshund, Oscar, sleeps with me in a king bed also. I have awaken on many a night to find his little head next to mine on my pillow….snoring, no less. On nights when I absolutely must have my space, I have a small kennel with soft bedding beside my bed where he can sleep. Spoiled rotten dog!

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