How many times do we take things around us for granted?  We take the people closest to us for granted because we think they will always be there, no matter what!  We take our friendships for granted because we think that somehow they are not the only friends we have.  We take our health for granted because we think we’re still young enough and that there will be tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, thinking we still have plenty of years ahead of us.

So often in life, I take things for granted.  I so easily bitch about the smallest things that are of no significance or importance…just because they did not go my way!!!  I sometimes forget to see people’s good qualities, not always realizing all the things they have done for me, not remembering that to keep a friendship, it takes two to tango. 

I take my health for granted….even though I try to stay fit by walking every morning.  I don’t go for regular check-up’s like I should, I don’t sleep nearly enough and in spite of having 5 portions of vegetables,  I choose noodles when I’m in a hurry!!!!  And last but not least, I often take my life for granted.   I don’t make enough time to stop and smell the roses….the thing is, time flies, and I can never have it back.   It is time to stop fooling myself that I have enough time to catch up on things later.

So, I think it is quite relevant to say that I, Amanda, take almost everything for granted…..but at least I realized it and am making some progress in my life to change this!  Let’s make a pledge together to make more time to smell the roses and appreciate what this wonderful life has given us!!

2 Responses to “STOP……SMELL THE ROSES!”

  1. tracyisjustsayn Says:

    Very well written Amanda…this one might be your best post yet. Just Say’n

  2. Love this post…great blogging…it’s summer here,so yes, i have the opportunity to smell the roses, but you’re right we do take things for granted

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