No, this is certainly not a picture or blog about Christmas, this is about MY DREAM to spend a whole month of solitude in a beautiful natural setting.  I would have plenty of food and shelter………but I would not see another person…?

Just think about it, a beautiful cabin, nestled within snow covered trees, with light puffs of smoke coming out of the chimney.  Inside, a warm inviting fire would be burning and the smell of a succulent roast would permeate the air. Surrounded by a lovely rustic decorated room with lots and lots of white linens on a big, cozy bed,  a huge fluffy sofa covered in big throw pillows and I am “laying” on the couch with my laptop, wearing thick long john pajamas,  socks and slippers!!  I’d be sipping a wine in a hot tub and listening to my favorite music without any interruptions!


A phone ringing non-stop from 8 to 5.

Text messages blaring on my mobile.

All those bills to pay.

A car that needs gas all the time.        

Mr. Nailgun.

Rude and obnoxious drivers on the highway.

Things left everywhere because it was too much effort to put it away.

Clean dishes in the dishwasher (that no one wants to empty)

A loud TV forecasting more doom and gloom.

One month without all of these things…….Yeah!  When can I start packing?  Alas Amanda……..wakey wakey….it’s only in your dreams!!!!!!!!!

2 Responses to “MY DREAM!”

  1. Tim Donovan Says:

    My wife of 25 years left me a few years ago. The kids are all grown up and gone. I am a teacher and spent Christmas alone for 17 days (oh I saw some of my kids Christmas – and a few friends here and there…) Still have not learned how to turn lonliness to solitude for long periods of time. I like your idea – but prefer to have my mate back or a close frind to share life with : /

    • Hi Tim, thanks for visiting here. I share your sentiment too, it’s good to be alone for a short period but not all of the time. There is such a fine line between lonliness and solitude…let’s hope 2012 might change just that! All the very best my friend.

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