There’s cold and then there’s cold.  This morning was one of the coldest I’ve felt in a very long time. But I’m probably complaining more than normal because I prefer the warm weather so much more!  Most of you would argue that I don’t know what cold weather is since I live in “sunny” Queensland (a tropical climate).  We don’t even get snow here but this morning an icy wind blew right through my body that chilled me to the bone!  I’ve heard people say they would rather be cold than hot because they can always put on more clothing to get warm. That, my friend, is a bunch of BUNK!!  

So tomorrow morning I am going to put on a beanie,  scarf and gloves.  I don’t care what it looks like, as long as I can be warm.  It’s not fun walking when you can’t even feel your nose, let alone when you forgot to take enough tissues !!!  Maybe I should just hibernate……but that is for bears, not walkers!  Snif-snif.

One Response to “HIBERNATION?”

  1. tracyisjustsayn Says:

    Well…all I can say is; when it gets too hot, as far as you can go to cool down is naked, but if it’s too cold, you can always put on another sweater or add an extra blanket on the bed. So, toughen up there tenderfoot…the temp might get all the way down to 10 tomorrow 🙂 LOL!!!
    Just Say’n

    BTW: This is a great post!

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