WORDS-(Haiku) Thursday Poets Rally Week 24


I am honored and so very proud to be nominated for the Perfect Poet Award Week 24:- 

Please accept my appreciation and allow me to nominate a great writer and poet:-



My soul is deep, with these words I speak

I try to take care, but sometimes I’m weak

I’d rather show you in actions, my loving affection

Sometimes I try, I struggle, can be useless

Let me take you on a journey, on just how I feel

So these walls can be broken, can you even see

My soul is deep, with these words I speak

For my heart wants you, so to believe






36 Responses to “WORDS-(Haiku) Thursday Poets Rally Week 24”

  1. Tracy Harris Says:

    Red, this makes one believe in the future. Well done. Just Say’n.

  2. Really inspirational and wonderfully worded – I love it! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  3. perfect post,
    what inspiring and beautiful poem,
    everything is perfect in this post.

  4. great poem and congrats for receiving the perfect poet award!

  5. Congratulations on the award! Lovely poem.

  6. lifeinarecipe Says:

    Congratulations! The poem was beautiful.

  7. you can really feel the depth of the soul in these words…

    Congratulations on a well deserved award!

  8. Kudos on the award Buttercup! I love the video!
    Just Say’n

  9. A lovely post!
    And congratulations on the award. Jingle is a doll, isn’t she?

  10. congratulations…a great feeling poem x

  11. I don’t know which congratulations to offer first?

    The one for the award, or the one for such a love expressed in words you say you sometimes can only show in actions.

    Sign me up for this journey you speak about.

    I believe. Really!

    I too am weak — sometimes — and can only show my love in words and not in actions. I’m afraid my actions might not show truly how I feel. “For my heart wants you, so to believe.”

    michael j
    Conshohocken, PA USA

  12. What a fresh breath to wake up to such a beautiful comment you so eloquently describe. My favourite time of the day is early morning, having a coffee and capture my hearts feelings and thoughts right here…the best way I know how. Thank you so much for stopping by..it makes me happy.

  13. Please take all 5 awards under the post…
    I was lazy at the moment…
    thank you…
    I value your contribution and enthusiasm!

  14. an awesome post! As always! (:

  15. I Love this one Buttercup…words don’t come easy, but you have said it so well. Thank you.

    Just Say’n

  16. jessicasjapes Says:

    Well constructed, I liked this. particularly the ending.

  17. These words are deep, touching, sensational and above all WELL WRITTEN!

    Welcome to the rally!

    Here’s my post: http://ediomoudofia.blogspot.com/2010/06/i-promise.html

    Blissful day!

  18. aawww….that was such a sweet and heartfelt poem 🙂
    very nice 🙂 i liked it 😀

    here from Jingle’s Rally
    you can check my poem at

  19. So profound.. nice work 🙂

  20. i wonder in realising those moments we are weak if we dont find that same depth of which you speak…nicely written…

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