Every night when I go to bed, I think about a topic I could talk about for this blog….I’d toss and turn every kind of thought around until I fall asleep.  Sometimes I’d wake up during the night, I’d think of something and make sure I write it down (since I’ve had wonderful ideas before and forgotten all about it when I wake up in the morning!)  Over the last few weeks I’ve had this idea in my head and though it’s all very depressing, however, I’ve learned something very important about this question.  IF I KNEW THE EXACT TIME OF MY DEPARTURE FROM EARTH, HOW WOULD I WANT TO SPEND IT?

I’ll make sure that there is no distance between me and my children. 

I’ll make sure I record all of the special moments I want to tell those whom I love.  Normally I am the last one who wants to be in a video or being recorded. I’ll start making video’s of myself.  The camera will be working overtime taking pictures of me.

I’ll eat anything I ever wanted, not worry about the consequences.

Write and find all of those sentimental trinkets and mementos to give to everyone.

Plan and take care of all my funeral arrangements so it will be easy one everyone else.

 Write a long letter to my children and loved ones to tell them how much they mean to me. (And just how much I love them)

Call my family and friends and say goodbye.

Write letters to old friends.

Throw out old stuff I wouldn’t need and make a long list of things to give away.

Sort out all the financial’s so it would be easy on everyone.

Walk barefoot on the beach one more time.

Do a lot of crying because I would not want to leave the one’s I love.

Find a beautiful red dress for my funeral (Red is my favourite colour)

When I thought about this, I realized that there are may things in my life I need to change, so if I don’t start doing so today….they may never be completed.  I am happy that I have the opportunity to write my thoughts down….it has given me so much pleasure.  We all need to try harder and live a full life….I know I want to be remembered…..’Time is the coin of  life. It is the only coin we have, and only we can determine how it will be spent.  What is the song of your life?

13 Responses to “YOUR SONG”

  1. I saw Elton in concert several years ago; he played nothing but hits for nearly 2 hours…incredible!
    This is MY song.
    Just Say’n


    the post brought tears to my eyes 😦

    it made my chest ache and also made me think yu have last your senses in thinking lke this till i read the last para 😛

    Yes u are right!!! i am only 18 and i’m gonna live my life to the fullest!!! 😉

    THank you for sharing your thoughts 😀

    My song?? well i guess it’s gonna take some time to figure out 😦 😛

    my links:

  3. did my comment come?

  4. ok so again i’ll type it out…. 😦


    the post made me cry and made my chest ache 😦

    It also made me think y u have lost your senses until i read the last para 😛

    yes u are right! i’,m only 18 and ii’m gonna live my life to it’s fullest 😉

    Thank u so much for sharing this post 😀

    My song i haven’t yet figured out!! 😦

    my link:

  5. anummunaf Says:

    nyc provoking thoughts

  6. lifeinarecipe Says:

    Very sensible words. We very seldom have the luxury of making a choice for the end of our time and that is why for the most part we should live each day like it was the last….okay not do everything like today was the last day…overdoing it with wine and chocolate might not be such a good thing…but I think most of your list we should be already practicing everyday.
    Thank you again for words that seem to me are always pointing us in the right direction.

  7. Hi –

    loved your blog… thanks for visiting mine. Take a look at this, see if it interests you (we give and take constructive crit proper, we learn very fast that way)

    Warmest Salad


  8. I ask that question to myself quiet often and I don’t think it’s depressing- it helps us realize that our time is limited (it gets too easy to forget that, we tend to live like we’re immortals) and I shouldn’t delay doing the things I wish to do…
    I loved your list- very open & honest the way you shared it with us.
    My song? First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes 🙂

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