Well, it’s already Saturday morning here in Australia, I decided to have a sleep in (which is a rarity for me) to recoup my mind and thoughts about the past week.  A week of extreme highs and lows….a week that I am very happy is behind me.  I would like to think that I am a very positive person who always try to see the good side of people at any given situation.  My life is full, sometimes too full….phones start ringing at 7am in the morning which might carry on till after working hours (that happens when you run your business from home)  But in saying that, sometimes things gets too much.  I suppose bad days happen to the best of us, days where you wake up in a really bad mood.  Where something (or nothing) has made you angry, sad, frustrated, disappointed, whatever.  Days where you know up front this is going to “suck”.

You still have to get up and do your work, but before you even start, you’re already agitated inside. Being in a bad mood is not that hard.  Being in a bad mood while trying to force yourself to cheer up really sucks.  Fighting a bad mood only prolongs it, so if you’re mad, be mad,  If you’re sad, be sad.  This however does not give you the license to be miserable and unpleasant or question those innocent bystanders, those people close to you. It just means that you need to recognize and accept your bad mood to be able to do something about it.  We tend to think that a bad mood is always caused by something or someone else. 

Today is another day, I wish I could cut myself into a million pieces to keep everyone happy every single day but there’s only so many hours in a day.  I try to do the best I can and sometimes fail.  For those of you who occasionally have a really bad day when you just need to take it out on someone, don’t take that bad day out on someone you know.  Instead, take it out (if you have to) on someone unfriendly who you don’t know. And if I have failed you in any way this past week, I’m sorry. 

There now….I’m feeling so much better and wish you all a wonderful week-end!!


12 Responses to “BAD DAYS”

  1. Hope your tomorrow goes better…it’s always a new day, right? And I love the lyrics..good stuff.

  2. if you were a guy, i would marry you with my eyes closed!!

    love and hugs,

    i love the songs you pick….it is so great that we could see the wordings…really cool

  3. i had a bad night (last night) while out with friends and what was supposed to be a happy reunion turned into a nightmare. that’s why i know exactly what you mean in this post.

    today is another day though and the nightmare was easily forgotten after apologies were given and accepted this morning. good thing that i didn’t wake up with a hangover.

    thanks for leaving that nice comment in my blog. =)

  4. I wish I had read this yesterday…my today would have been much better.

    Just Say’n

  5. Everyone has those days….Find something good even in those bad days….you wrote another lovely blog! Have a great weekend x

  6. The start got me thinking… then loved the progression… But the finale was grand indeed!
    What a great wrap up!
    There really IS no point in venting one’s not-so-great-mood on another. It only spreads. Curbing it at the source(yourself) is the best way – or so i think! But like you said, trying HARD to do this only makes it worse… So, just ignore the bad part of the mood…it will pass sooner or later. After all, as the cliche goes, nothing lasts forever 😉

  7. Aww, I really hope your next week is better for you.

    We all have bad days….recently I went through a bad 4-5 months!

    I like how you said that we need to let it out, we cannot always be positive, but we shouldn’t let it out on our loved ones. I know often I let it out on them, though I have improved much on that matter.

    I have taken to reading books, listening to music, or sleeping as much as I can when in a bad mood. Of course it isn’t always possible, but when it is, it helps a lot.

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