BUTTERCUP (Haiku) Thursday Poets Rally Week 24


There was this little flower

I kept her in a case

A beautiful little flower

Soft colour oh so fair


I took this little flower

Along life’s winding path

I hid her well for she was mine

But now she’s almost dust


I loved my little flower

She knew with all my heart

But as with every flower

She pined for daily glow


If I had known better

I may have let her grow

At the time it felt so right

As she was all aglow


My one and only flower

Has lost all of her power

If only I picked her up

My dying little Buttercup

I accept the Perfect Poet nomination and nominate http://www.tracyhsays.com/


98 Responses to “BUTTERCUP (Haiku) Thursday Poets Rally Week 24”

  1. betweenhearts75 Says:

    So very sweet, love this!!! Love that photo as well…the single flower emerging up from the solidity of concrete. Very nicely done. Brought a smile to a rather hectic day! =)

  2. blooming beautiful in a concrete land. the power and durability of nature is a miracle we take for granted.

    and i love this song!

    and not just since ‘there’s something about mary’ came out:)

  3. Your blog always reminds me of that song. Coincidence? lol Clever poem, lovely lines and image too.

  4. that is very gentle and lovely…

    thank you…
    you may need to visit participants in my list to get more feedback.

  5. Very nice. Such a sad commentary on how love can smother.

  6. Lovely poem 🙂

  7. these poems are excellent

  8. As always, lovely and gorgerous work. So sad and gentle – I love it!

  9. suzicate Says:

    That phot is phenomenal…adds power to your already lovely and bittersweet words.

  10. LOve the photo and the sweet poem..well done. I’ve always liked that song. Heartspell

  11. Happy Rally Week, Amanda 🙂

    Lovely story poem…good work.

    Just Say’n

  12. Oh boy!! This is such a sweet poem! So innocent and …well… SWEET!!!

    Have a lovely weekend, Amanda!

  13. this is really sweet… like everyone says.. a piece of word candy.

  14. I found this to be a very powerful poem,,,, it touched me at a more highly refined thought and sensation with an air of a spiritual and ethereal quality.

    A very Zen moment in reading this poem.


  15. Aww. You are so great! I mean, you inspired me with this poem! I sure am only a 14-year old girl but this poem woke me up for some reasons… I really love and enjoyed reading it. Great job!

    • And it inspires me that a beautiful young girl do me the honor of visiting my nook. Thank you for your lovely comment. And might I say, I am excited to see what you come up with next. You are so very talented 🙂

  16. Lovely poem, flowers have so many meanings and your poem a deeper one…well done!x

  17. So sad…………I hope it’s not about you.
    Does it matter that the poem is about a buttercup yet the flower is a viola, probaly not, it’s just the symbolisim.

    The poem could be about love, it’s not enough to light the fire, you have to keep adding wood to keep it alive.

  18. Thanks Karen…true words spoken:) Your comment’s so much appreciated….I love you my friend:)

  19. amazing job done!
    double cheers!

  20. words that just sing..loved the flow!

  21. jessicasjapes Says:

    Sweet poem! Unusual topic too.

  22. many of us know the feeling of wanting to hold onto something we love too tightly.

    thank you for coming by my site. i hope that you will visit again ~

  23. this is too, too beautiful. some people do it with their kids. is that pic genuine?

    congratulations for the very well deserved prize.

  24. What a beautiful poem, written with softness as you read from line to line. A wonderful flow too. I did feel the saddest in your words, but that is good. An excellent poem is supposed to make you feel emotional, happy, and etc. and yours surely does that. Thank you for stopping by my blog to read my poem. That was so very nice of you.

  25. shoelessboywonder Says:

    Thank you for your comment and this beautiful tale of you and a flower.

  26. Beautiful.

    Rhyme on!

    Tim Keeton
    (Undead)Poet / Wizard / Teller-of-tales

  27. Great write, sweet flowing rhymes, and a powerful message packed in this beautiful poem. It was a pleasure to read.

    Have a splendid weekend Amanda.


  28. mairmusic Says:

    Sweet and sad… have you ever tried rhymes? It might work well with this sort of poem.

  29. Thanks for stopping by ~ I am still so new at this and am feeling my way around…and am honored to learn from all of you ~ x

  30. buttercup, this is a beautiful metaphorical depiction of reality. more often than not, too much love can also kill. sometimes you have to learn to let go in order to let it live.

    i am a big fan of the “build me up buttercup” song. i will never get tired of listening to it. thanks for sharing.

  31. Congratulations on the award, Amanda… you totally deserve it!!! Cheers!!!! Yaayyy

  32. congratulation n ur poem is really nice

  33. letting you know I am getting your poem to my file so that it appears on Promising Poets Parking Lot…

    I will post text only, and with your blog name, general blog link included.
    Thank you for the contribution!

  34. Excellent poem 🙂 Really captures some strong emotions. I also absolutely love the picture!

  35. kelleygrrl Says:

    I love this…so sweet indeed.

  36. I absolutely love this piece. When I was a kid, I would often pluck flowers and leaves. As I grew older, I started refraining from doing so as I didn’t want them to wither and die because of me. Even now often I will reach out to pluck a flower, but stop myself before doing so. They’re most beautiful while they can still grow 🙂 Keep writing!

  37. lovely poem…its difficult to let go of somethin that u love isnt it????

  38. Doni Cifra Says:


    Loved the rhythm of this poem of yours… a little sad though.

    btw, i loved the dumplings too. 🙂

    your blog makes both my stomach and my spirit full.

  39. I really love the flow and rhythm of this one. Stay inspired!!

  40. an excellent reminder that we must let go. let love. let God.
    good work!

  41. Jessica Graf Says:

    So many things the flower could be a metaphor for, lovely

  42. Lovely poem. I enjoyed it. Thanks.

  43. lovely poem.. and the image is very haunting.. love this 🙂

  44. Beautiful poem, brought back a lot of childhood memories for me 🙂

  45. Such a lovely and touching way to show the loss of one so dear when that dearest thing is not allowed to thrive. Beautiful poem and lovely choice of a phote.

  46. Very enigmatic. I love the complex simplicity. Very rich. – Bill

  47. Very nice. I liked the imagery, and I liked that you spelled colour in the old British style. It looks so much nicer that way.

  48. Hi buttercup,
    Good metaphor and lovely short verses!

  49. Sina Saberi Says:

    one can only picture your adorable flower and love it 🙂


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