Everyday Is A Rally By Ibok


My friend and poet Emmanuel inspired this post.  I followed his lead and proudly added my cheers to this.  Written in support of the Thursday Poets Rally, please post on your blog attaching the above logo in support of this movement. 

You can follow Emmanuel here :-  htttp://lordemmanuel.wordpress.com/

Everyday is a rally a poem by Ibok

I just want to read from you
hear what you have to say
and where your muse had wandered to.

Everyday is a rally
it brings me much pleasure
to know you will be here
to share my point of view.

Everyday is a rally
keeping us together
exchanging kind words
through fine and stormy weather.

Everyday is a rally
oh! I just love everyday.
Can you feel the feel I feel
in writing this to you?

Thank you Emmanuel, for inspiring us to all to stand together and keep Jingle’s movement ALIVE!!!

We can love together, we can strive together
We can play together, we can pray together
We can plan together, we can stand together
We can cry together, we can try together
The future of man is built on a plan
Of working together whenever we can
For together, forever we bring
The best, the good of it al

41 Responses to “Everyday Is A Rally By Ibok”

  1. love you for doing this…

  2. that is absolutely fantastic!
    i love it!
    very inspiring!

  3. Has anybody told you lately that you are a sweetheart?…Well, trust me, You are one big sweetheart.

    Much love, Cheers!!!

  4. Right back at you Em….oxo

  5. So good of you to do this. Thank you! I’m not the only one who “rocks.” The vid is great! Good idea…

  6. This is lovely of you and lovely of Emmanuel…we should all appreciate this…great inspiration! Heartspell

  7. just one word – ROCKING!!!!!
    To Jingle, Emmanuel, Amanda, Trisha and each and every poet in the Thursday Poets Rally – Hip Hip Hurray !!!!

  8. awe sweet. love your work its always uplifting, sadly I dont have time these days for the rally, but stillr ead other entries, bravo xx

  9. This is just fabulous. 🙂 lets spread the wave….

  10. anummunaf Says:

    gr8 job n congrtz

  11. Jessicas Japes Says:

    Great words, Buttercup! So glad you enjoy the rallies, as we all do. Even a newbie like me!
    I like your videos to accompagny your posts. Neat!

    • I am a newbie too Jessica, and not a true poet between so many talented artists but am enjoying it so much and love what I do. Thanks for your encouraging words ~ much love ~ Amanda xx

  12. Michael Says:

    Wow, another fantastic post again. I like the creative and philosophical you. Every post is just excellence, Amanda. I have a post, “Love Yourself More?” today, and your comment is most valued and appreciated. Thanking you in advance. !!!

    • Your website does not show up for me to visit you…I would so love to do that! You are so kind and thoughtful Michael…thank you for the hugely kind comments ~ Much love x

  13. love your kindness,

    u r precious!

  14. waystationone Says:

    smiles. i keep seeing this today…lol. ibok rocks.

  15. Awesome post, Amanda! Gr8t in many ways. Cheers to Em also! It’s fantastic to see this happening 🙂

  16. I’m so LOVING IT!!

  17. what a beautiful poem wowwwwwwwwww

  18. http://thursdaypoetsrallypoetry.wordpress.com/2010/07/08/the-celebrate-poet-of-june-award-nomination-announcement/

    please vote for poets,
    your link is included, thus you have one vote counted,
    if you vote, you earn another vote for yourself,
    you can vote for 1 to 20 poets from the list…
    many thanks.

    • Wonderful…I’m doing that right now…working my lists…..thanks so much Ji….you do sooooo much….and anything to return the compliment to you…you are working overtime 🙂 Hugs x

  19. indeed, what a nice poem to have written in honor of the rally ~ we’re so lucky to have such a fun-loving and supportive community!

  20. soulintention: signed .............bkm Says:

    All for one -one for all


  21. DiamondsAndDogs Says:

    It’s great to be part of such a wonderful group. Cheers to all…

    • Wow JI, I am smiling (no…actually dancing) and am so very happy. Thanks so much, all of this would not be possible if it’s not for all your dedication and hard work. I appreciate you so very much and congratulations to you too!! Always ~ Amanda x

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