STRESSED (For Bokkie…with all of my love)

You feel it

the invisible


the emptiness


the heavy


that feels like


is invading you

upbraiding you

pulling your



and spitting it



on the inside

driving your spine

through to the outside

taking your breath

cold as death

dark hand gripping



there’s nothing


but you


and bleeding


soul needing


hearts-animated-gif-001.gif BN image by curllybone



30 Responses to “STRESSED (For Bokkie…with all of my love)”

  1. I felt the stress, the pressure of being emptied – this is really good! The photo is so perfect for the words, they should be sealed together and never drawn apart. Wonderful stuff.

  2. Nice. Very nice. I love your work. 🙂

  3. shoelessboywonder Says:

    Good day mate, just like to say thanks for stopping by my blog earilier and what an awesome piece of work you have here yourself. Stress happens to everyone and you did a great job of expressing it

  4. I could feel the mental exhaustion and emotion in this one…
    This is excellent, and so damn true too! It’s a MUST to keep oneself alive and do one’s best at keep stress away…

    Cheers, girl!
    And have a lovely cheery weekend! Many hugs… mwahhs

  5. i can feel the stress pushing into ur mind…very nicely expressed…thank u for stopping by my blog:)

  6. your words fall like waterfall, lovely emotions exposed and taken,

  7. DiamondsAndDogs Says:

    Wonderful!!! I felt your words, literally. I’ve got shivers


  8. Wow.. what an intense poem!!! You almost experience the pain. And btw lovely shape for the poem!! The curves are so gentle and flowing. I can see you must have put a lot of effort into this one 😀 very beautiful Amanda..! You are awesome!! ~ Hugs 😀

    • Thank you Ilakya….this was actually totally “inspired” by a very special friend!!! He has awesome talent!! Thanks for being here and have a wonderful weekend ahead!! ~ Hugs x

  9. Hey Amanda,
    I have an award for you for all your awesomeness…
    And I would love it if you accept it… Here it is…

    • I did girlfriend and thank you so much!!! Do you realize just how many people you make so very happy!!!! You are truly awesome and I am so blessed to have crossed pathes with you!! YOU ROCK and I am proud and honored to call you my friend! Hugssssssssssssss oxoxox

  10. alleenloper Says:

    Where do you find your pictures???

    This sounds like more than stress to me. I think stress is just the cover, that there is something else behind it. Something that is pulling… that invisible thing that I know as well.

    thank you!!

  11. divine………..

    To explain love by example of coin , like coin has head , tail and thin edge , Desire is like coin head , hate is like coin tail , thin edge is love , where no desire , no hate .

    Love is your inner wealth, seed of which you bring in your closed hands to plant in this world to make it a tree of happiness.

    seasons come…seasons go….leaves come………leaves go…stress comes…stress goes……….emptiness comes………emptiness goes…….

    still………..tree grows…..

    love all……….

  12. It captured the feeling really well… and i looove the song!

    thanks Amanda 🙂

  13. Nicely done, Amanda. The three elements complement each other very well.

    Tracy H

  14. I really like this. It flows like the emotions that pour out ot it. I love it,

  15. Stress upon stress upon lonliness . . . until running on empty. Good job!

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