My heart does not know how to beat

While sadness surrounds you

It cannot see through

The darkness of your storm 


It cannot find its rhythm

While its mate is in pain

Desperately seeking a way

To find you and save you


But it cannot

It can only stand still

Hope that through chaos

You will see it bleeding love for you


44 Responses to “MY HEART”

  1. Red…I can only imagine where this comes from. But, somehow I know it comes from a deep, deep place in your soul. I know the poet meant it from his soul to yours.
    Hearts will go on….


  2. DiamondsAndDogs Says:

    I’m speechless, all of my regards …

  3. Wells of love run deep! Sad and lovely . . .

  4. timeless words.
    silence and prayers are all you can do when u love someone but could not help someone.

  5. OMG !! This was just fascinating, Amanda! I hope neither your friends nor you are in any pain right now.. cuz I would HATE to see your heart bleed…
    You have a a lovely pure heart, and that will keep you and your amazing friends (including me :)) cool, calm, and safe from outside trouble…

    Many many hugs and kisses to you..
    Keep writing, girl!
    Hope your week has begun with some awesome brightness..and may it get better and better as it progresses.. 🙂

    • It is indeed Monday afternoon already and you must be in bed (somehow I don’t think so hahahah)!! I am super dooper my friend but thanks for your always kind thoughts. Hope you’re gonna have the best week also:) Lots of hugs and kisses to you……. Mwah xxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Hugs out your way to help you to support and cherish the pain and suffering of your world. Hope you will smile soon. 🙂

  7. WoW…What inspired you? This is a beautiful poem.

  8. Beautiful writing. How awful to have to stand by and not be able to wipe away another’s pain.

  9. Amanda,’re good girlfriend!…monday morning reflection…played the song two times…beautiful poem…finding the rhythm! xx

  10. Lovely, beautiful poem! All it takes is a pair of eyes to see the love through the chaos! 🙂

  11. not just for u honey… this poem means a lot to all of us… I think all will agree with that 🙂

    loved the poem =)

    felt the pain 😀

    heard ur heart beat 😉

  12. These words really touch me – it’s so true that sometimes we can only stand and watch loved ones whilst they are in pain. Equally, we cannot always see (if ever) into the hearts of others…nor can people see inside us…and it’s worth remembering that everyone has pain that we can’t see. So, we should treat people gently! Chloe 🙂

  13. Those words are beautiful 🙂 This poem is very touching 🙂

  14. Jessicas Japes Says:

    Very powerful, Amanda, and truly from the heart.

  15. I love your words filled with feelings that can”t be spoke within the heart! Thank for sharing 😀

  16. Empathy perfectly expressed. Love in few words. God bless you and your writing.

    • Wow, thank you for the hugely kind and thoughtful comment. I am delighted to see you here and will return the compliment. Have a wonderful week ~ Amanda x

  17. Such a beautiful and powerful poem, especially the ending. All we can do is love and hope that the person we love sees it. It is so painful when someone we love is in pain.

  18. It can only stand still, hoping you will see it bleeding love for you

    What a powerful image – as we all know, when our dearest ones suffer, we can’t take their pain away,
    their pain becomes ours, yet we can’t burden them with more – we can only love and wait beside them.

    Beautiful poem.

  19. Beautiful, melancholy words.

  20. Your words move my soul! What more could I ask for in this moment. Thank-you.

  21. live4love4life Says:

    Love always prevails….ALWAYS! 🙂

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