THANK YOU!! (Poet of June Award)

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A very big thank you to Jingle who’s my shining light and worked so hard to make all of this happen.  I thank all of you for the recognition and for those that voted for me. I am humbled, honored and so very proud to be in your presence!!!  My heartfelt  congratulations to everyone that has participated in this Rally and in my eyes YOU ARE ALL WINNERS.  Know that I cannot be here without YOU.  Thank you again from my heart.

The days of cloud or sunshine
The moments that we share
The timely word, the thoughtful line
The note that says “I care”

Mean more to me than I can say
So it’s time, I think, you know
How much it brightens up my day
To have a friend like you

How can I speak my mind
Without the words to say
No need to walk in darkness
Cause you’re my light of day

What brightens all my memories
Is the great times that we share
You’re one of those special people
You take the time to care

So what can I say
We all go well this way
And hope, there’s many a ray 

Poem  by Carmen 

53 Responses to “THANK YOU!! (Poet of June Award)”

  1. thank you for taking the award,
    it is well deserved.

    your poem is always refreshing!

  2. Thanks Ji, I am so proud to receive this award…This is THE BEST Tuesday EVER!!!! Yahhhhhh oxo

  3. congratulations!

    that is wonderful!

    i love that song…one of my old favs…

  4. Congratulations, Amanda!!! 🙂
    And thanks for your lovely words… as usual, your poems of love and gratitude rock our humble worlds!
    Pioneered by the lovely Ji, we all make a great rally…
    3 cheers to that, and to you for your ever bright spirits!!!

    Luv ya… mwah mwah mwah ! 🙂

  5. congratulations amanda:):)u deserve it:)

  6. thanks for the sweet comments!

  7. Gratz on getting the award^^ hope to see more of your works , i love them=D

  8. Congratulations, Amanda…I am soooo happy for you…you deserve this honor for the brightness you bring to our days! Heartspell

  9. What a nice post to honor a special person. CONGRATS to you and thank you for being the special, caring person you are. 🙂

  10. you deserved this really.. 🙂

  11. Baie geluk vriendin, jy verdien dit!

  12. Congratulations, Amanda! You are a fantastic blogger and a darn good poet, who certainly deserves an award…”Poet of June”. Your hard work and talent have paid off…Enjoy.

    I’m very happy to be counted among your friends. YOU ROCK!

    Tracy H

    • And YOU ROCK too Mr Harris. Thanks so much..I am amazed just to be named amongst such outstanding talent…one of whom is YOU!! Forever your friend and fan ~ Red x

  13. Amanda:

    You rock dear one…. love the way you celebrate, a tough act to follow. You do it up big, bold and beautiful.


  14. Congrat’s. Lady you rock . . . 🙂

  15. amanda, you truly deserve to top the list!!! i love your creations in this blog!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! {{{hugsss}}}

    • You say the nicest things…but know that I can never do any of this, without YOU guys!! Congrats to you too …. you are just wonderful and so well deserving!! Thanks for being here…it means so very much!! Have a lovely week my friend x

  16. ahh, I am so glad you got poet of June! 🙂 You are wonderful fantastic writer and I enjoyed your poem too!

  17. It is so wonderful, Amanda. Let me hug u and share this with u!
    Im your regular reader. Ur poems are so sweet!
    Please compose as much as possible!

  18. Congratulations, you truly deserve it..xx

  19. Congrats to an awesome poetic individual who cares! Keep rocking, Amanda 🙂

    • Oh Adam, coming from you, I truly appreciate it!! Thank you so very much, you are a shining star whom we all respect so much!! Blush blush…forever your friend and fan ~ Amanda

  20. Jessicas Japes Says:

    Many congrats! Nice poem here too!

  21. anummunaf Says:

    heartiest congrtz to you

  22. CONGRATS!!! You really do deserve – you’re blog is always so beautiful in every way!

  23. Congratzzzzzzzzzz
    it’s the time 4 celeberation

  24. Congrats on yr award, Amanda! And thanks for the visit and kind words, my friend. Hope to see you posting on the Facebook Group sometime, yo

    Warmest salad


    • Luke, thanks so much for visiting…can you send me that link again or is it on your page? (will go look) Love love love the “Warmest Salad”! You rock!! ~ Hugs x

      • I think you are already a member of the group. If you have difficulty finding it, it’s blogrolled on WordSalad. It’s constructive crit and honest feedback there… really helps us grow and learn as writers. Not just the obligatory “nice, well done”… nice for the ego but doesn’t help us improve particularly, know what I mean? Anyway, congrats to you, and I think you’d fit in if you can take crit.

        Warmest Salad


  25. Congratulations! You really deserve it! Lovely poem, it is always a wonderful feeling to have a friend to brighten up your day.

  26. Congratulations the award is well deserved!

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