I am so lucky to be able to attend Woman’s Empowering seminars on a regular basis, and cannot even begin to tell you what a wonderful and positive influence it’s had on my life.   We live our daily lives, doing what we have to and so easily get despondent when things does not go our way!! What we have to realize is that by following basic steps and be thankful and kind towards others, will have a major impact on our lives. … most importantly, to talk and tell those people closest to us what and how we feel.  If only we can truly see that we were born to SHINE in this lifetime….to really make a difference, to believe in ourselves, the world will be a better place.



 Thanks for everything you’ve done. – Say it to your mother, father, grandmother, or sister; whoever deserves it. Say it when it’s least expected and when it will make the most impact.

 You’ve changed my life.

 I need you.

 I’ve only got one life to live. – This will give you tremendous motivation.

 Nothing can stop me.

 I love my life.

 There’s nothing I’d rather be doing.

 I can 

 I will 

 I have 

 I’m rich with love in my life.

 I’m doing what I was meant to do.

 I conquered my biggest fear.

 Glad to help you.

 I have all that I need.

 I don’t care what people think.

 I’m honest.

 I’m going for it!

 I’m proud of myself.

 I’ve learned from my failures.

 I have no regrets. – Many people believe everything happens for a reason. So why would you have any regrets?

 I’ve never had more fun in my life.

 You hurt me.

 There’s more to life than this.

 I love you no matter what.

 I’ve accomplished a lot.

 You’ve been successful.

 I’m listening. – Sometimes it’s more important to listen than to talk.

 I’m here for you.

 Words can’t describe the way I feel.

 I’m not giving up.

 There is no place like home.

 It was a pleasure to talk to you.

 I have all the time in the world.

 I need a hand.

 You’re my best friend.

 I’m glad you were here.

 I’m just going for it.

 I can’t thank you enough.

 I’m trusting my inner feelings.

 I follow my own path.

 What a wonderful world.

 I take full responsibility. – Own up to your mistakes, people will respect you.

 I came, I saw, I conquered.

 I haven’t said enough.

 I’m not afraid


48 Responses to “BE THE HERO OF YOUR OWN LIFE”

  1. Carol Ann Hoel Says:

    Thank you for sharing your encouragement with all of us. We need to affirm one another. You are a great friend in the blogging world.

  2. great motivation!

  3. All of these words help us in so many obvious and subtle ways. I also like the words my sweetheart suggested. Whenever I sigh and say, I have to do this or I have to pay that, he suggested that I change the verb. Now I say I get to do this and I get to pay that. Instead of carrying burdens, I’m grateful for what life has given me. What a huge attitude turnaround!!

    • What a wonderful affirmation to have in your life!! I so appreciate all of your wonderful and continued encouragements. Have a great Sunday night (I think)…(it’s Monday here already) Sending you lots of love my dear friend x

  4. oh…lovely! Beautiful messages there, girl … Each one is so true!
    Thanks for being my friend… i am just glad how my life’s turned out thus far.. and i keep looking forward to more of this coolness! 🙂
    Gooooood morneeeeeeeeeeeeeeng gurl!!! 🙂
    Have a lovely bight and shiny week ahead!

    • Thanks my dear friend…and thank you for being my friend too…we are all blessed and I am honored to have befriend someone as special as you!! I love your heart!! Have a wonderful Sunday night and sending you lots and lots of love and hugs. Always your friend and fan ~ Amanda xxxxx

  5. Thank you for the encouragement.

    • Lawrence…thank you so much for your encouragement and comment…I am so happy to see you here and am so thankful!! Have a great week ahead and wondering if you received the tests back yet? Much love my friend xx

  6. betweenhearts75 Says:

    Some of the most beautiful words, go so far beyond the words here dear. So much stated that in any given moment should be said/shown/done/ felt within. So much to appreciate in this, and really a great encouraging writing as well, to any who have the pleasure of reading. I may need to come back to this one fro0m time to time for some inner strength. You ARE a reward. Excellent!

    • Thanks April, it makes me sooooo happy to see you here..I thank you immensely for your kindest words and your continued encouragement and invaluable comments. Hope you will have a bright and sunny week ahead. Much love ~ Amanda

  7. It is the best feeling when we put our hearts out there and people respond with love and compassion. 🙂 Nice post. Have a beautiful week. 🙂

  8. very inspirational,
    thanks for sharing…
    such efforts shall be encouraged, valued, and remembered…


    you are the sunshine,
    I see you shine everywhere and give love to all.
    what a blessing to have u around.

  9. very good words to always bear in mind…say nice things, be kind, and smile…You are an excellent example of all these, and much more, Amanda!

    I’m your biggest fan,

    • I always eagerly look forward to your comments Tracy…I am thrilled…honored and zapped with everything that comes from those lips. Thank you…you are too kind ~ Red x

  10. i agree with Jingle!
    You are the sunshine!
    Hugs and loves!

  11. divine…….hero = her o = her origin = kindness =happiness = thanks….

    Then child ask have you created me to pray to you?
    mother is mum what to answer, get tears ………….child inquires again also about the tears thinking question may not have hurt ?

    Mother composes and hold child in the lap and whispers in the
    child’s ear and says when in the garden I feed you with food , you
    also try with your small tiny hands to feed me ,please mom eat little ,how wonderful food you have cooked for me…still tears flowing…..

    Adds “It is not the requirement of cosmic intelligence that we pray or of any parents.
    prayers are like tiny hands of child wants cosmic intelligence to taste the wonderful cosmos that has created. but mom all different people refer through different names .does not get offended as I easily get angry if somebody do this to me. mom says wisdom comes through kindness. kindness is nature of cosmic intelligence and as child is happy mother is happy.

    happiness is prayers and thanks to cosmic intelligence …….

    love all….

  12. It’s so true how many simple words can change our attitude to start the day in a new positive way!Thank you for sharing my friend…xx

  13. How wonderfully uplifting, you are just amazing.
    Thank you, I feel as though I have known you forever.

    • Cindy, I eagerly look forward to your comments. Thanks my friend and the feeling is mutual!!! So jammer ons bly so blerrie ver van mekaar!!! Liefdetjies xxx

  14. I think reading this on a Monday morning was the best way to start this week! Thank you for the motivation and the inspiration- you are a true star! 🙂

    • Lua, I always look forward to your comments…you make me very happy to be here. Thanks so much my dear friend. Have a fabulous week. Hugs and lots of love coming your way xxx

  15. Your post is so encouraging! It’s so easy to get bogged down by life, I always try and remember that my end goal is to make a difference in peoples’ lives, but sometimes I get lost. Thank you for the wonderful reminder!

    • Lauren, we all have days like that…I get them too but as long as we remember, we’re half-way there. Your visit puts a smile on my face and makes me very happy. For that I thank you my dear friend! Lots of love coming your way ~ xx

  16. Wonderful words Amanda..!! Great way to start a week!! If everyone chose to live this way, then this world would be a better place. Thanks a lot for such a lovely and inspiring post 🙂

  17. live4love4life Says:

    Love your bright and positive spirit! It shines so brightly through your words. Have a wonderful Monday, my friend. *loveable*

  18. suzicate Says:

    Thos seminars sound wonderful, lucky you! Wow, what lovely and inspiring words, thanks for sharing. And yes, you may share my bridge post with your friends…just add my name and link, I’d appreciate that!

  19. i read this and my mind kept going to “My little buttercup” sang int he movie The three amigos

    You are so uplifting

  20. At once, stirring and soulful . . . it strikes my that buttercups reflects the sun . . . hero to yourself and to the blogosphere!

  21. These seminars sound so great and such inspiring words…these are how I try to live and love…the one I need to work on is listening more and letting the other person do the talking…I am working hard to get there. Sometimes I just think I have such important things to say and the problem is that I am missing all the important things others have to say…I guess we all have areas we could work on. How about you? Thanks for this post, Amanda.xx

    • These seminars are wonderful and so very inspiring…I try to live my life that way too but we are not perfect…I am a talker, therefore I sometimes speak before I think…not taking the other persons feelings into consideration. I have improved so much with age and find that I am so much more calm…relaxed and secure in myself. Not something I had when I was younger!!
      But I am an “Aries” girl…and totally suits the description of character:) 🙂 🙂 I guess life is all about learning as we grow…and I totally love life, living in the moment. It helps when we can pen our hearts feelings down..I am not always good in saying it out loud in the right way 😦 Sending you much love my friend oxo

  22. Amanda, you have lots of friends and we love you. I think I posted earlier on this blog. I just went all the way to the top to check that out. Thank you for the message in your poem and the great advice. You live it out yourself.
    Yup, I did. God bless you.

    • Carol Ann, it warms my heart to see you here and your comments means so much to me. For that I thank you!! God bless you too and I am very happy we crossed paths. Sending you lots of love ~ Amanda x

  23. This is another wonderful and uplifting post. My favourite words are the ones you have put in your opening paragraph:

    “If only we can truly see that we were born to SHINE in this lifetime….to really make a difference, to believe in ourselves, the world will be a better place.”

    WOW – that is a quick, sharp reminder that we are all capable of anything in life!! Just what I needed to hear today!!!

    Thanks, Chloe xx

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