Light of flickering candles

Golden glow all around

Illuminating my face

Closing eyes in this space


Soul searching for you

Soft whisper of movement

Even in my darkest despair

Is it me or do I even dare


Wild beating of my heart

Shocking in its rawness

Could you hold me my love

For you can show me how


I want to live in your love

Walk on the waters of life

Empty my soul in this dream

Hold me….Console me

©AmandavdL 2010

55 Responses to “WHISPERS OF LOVE”

  1. Jessicas Japes Says:

    Neat poem as always, Amanda. And where do you find your graphics?!

    • Thanks Jess…happy you liked it. I search forever to find the right image and sometimes play and edit until I get the right effect. I also have a friend that does graphic designing and am lucky to get many images from her. Much love ~ Amanda x (Searching in Google will give you many animated images as well)

  2. I love the candle! The words of the poem are captivating. Together they make a beautiful ensemble. Thank you for sharing and taking the time to make such a beautiful blog.

    • I only started blogging about 4 months ago and it has become so important to me…I enjoy it so very much. I always look forward to your comments. ~ Hugs x

  3. I just listened to the music. Sublime!

  4. I think love never dies . . . If I may be so forward, you are still living in his love . . . Very dear poem and “Unchained Melody” – such a good oldie. Hugs and Hearts

  5. You’ve surrounded your gorgeous poem with touching images and music and the whole experience gave me goosebumps.
    Jamie is right, “love never dies”
    X Lisa

  6. DiamondsAndDogs Says:

    Everything you write so poignant. My favorite line is “Empty my soul in this dream”



    • Jhannet, yeahhhh…now I have a name and that makes me very happy!! Maybe we share a part of our soul wonderings….I value your comments so very much my friend. ~ Hugs x

  7. wonderful poetry.
    I do like coming here

  8. Once again, you’ve outdone yourself – love the words and the kiss inside the flame – and Righteous Bros…my knees always go weak when I hear them sing

  9. It’s like a whisper caressing my skin from the inside.


  10. Wonderful poem, not forced. Something we should all have in our lives.

    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. My angiogram is not tomorrow, still to be arranged. I was just saying about tomorrow, that my mood swings wildly, valleying now of course but probably will be a reason, something, tomorrow that will make it arc high. Thank you.

    • Thanks so much Lawrence….it makes me very happy to see you here. Please keep me informed of when exactly you have the angiogram…I will be thinking of you and can only imagine how difficult it must be. Know that you’re thought of and I’m sending a big bear hug and love ~ Sweet dreams my friend x

  11. “Empty my soul in this dream” What a beautiful statement. I so feel like that at times. To empty all my hopes, day dreams, and desires into a capsule that has such an environment it harbors all of them. Searching for the hand that has left your grasp can be daunting. Really beautiful.

    • I so appreciate you being here and thank you immensely for your always kind words. Hope you have a good day…(or is it time for sweet dreams?) ~ Amanda x

  12. oh my… this is such lovely poem… of hope, of sweet tender love asking for something to hold to, of seeing everything in love, of feeling the brightness of love around…
    I liked the sound of this poem.. it’s so rhythmic, like a hushed whisper touching a ear before whooshing past..
    Love really can do such wonderful things to us..can it not?
    An enchanting picture you’ve painted here, Amanda!Thanks for sharing this sweet poem.. Loviieeezzzz

    • oh.. and i totally forgot to mention.. THE IMAGE!! It’s absolutely LOVELY!!! It’s like you have put up an image that goes with my poem too…. how sweet and considerate of you 🙂
      Luv ya girl!!!!

      • You will be amazed at how much time I spend on getting the image right (and so the video) It sometimes takes longer than writing the poem LOL. Happy you liked it!! It was actually meant to “flicker” but for some reason, I can’t get it to work!! Mwah Mwah Mwah xxx

      • If ever you want some special image for a project, let me know and I can forward it to you. Have so many! If you actually click on today’s candle to see the whole image, it will flicker….don’t know why not on the page. Hugsssssssssssssssssssss x

      • oh…lovely!! I will definitely let you know if I need an image some time… that really very kind of of you.. 🙂 thank you girl!!!
        Heyy… the image was flickering when I first opened this page.. but now it’s not.. weird! I clearly remember it flickering about an hour back!! That’s what held my attention for another 10 minutes !! 🙂

      • It’s been playing up all the time…mine has not been flickering at all…tried everything:( :(….nevermind…it still tells the story! Mwah xxxxxx

    • I can get lost in writing poetry about love…but then, I suppose we all can!! What a beautiful comment you made my friend, I am very happy you liked this poem…as always, written in the early morning hours 🙂 🙂 🙂 Love you too and sweet dreams (or not~hahaha) oxo

  13. BEautiful image in the candlelight and beautiful poem of love and longing…I loved it. So well said. Heartspell:):):)xxx

  14. I almost forgot, Unchained Melody is one of my all-time favorite songs…I love, love, love it so much and never tire of hearing it! Heartspell xxxxxx

  15. For fear of saying too much, I’ll say only this; Deep,Tender,Burning Passion is what comes to my heart from this one. If I dwell here too long, I’ll be undone. Bravo, Darling….Bravo!


    • Awww…Tracy, you always say such beautiful things!! I so appreciate your input and comments, thanks from the heart! It makes me happy to know you approve ~ Hugs x

  16. I found a deep sadness in this, spoke to me on a very personal level.

  17. moondustwriter Says:

    Love by candle light. The best kind

    Lovely and romantic my friend

    Moon smiles

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog *hugs*

  18. Best love is the love by the candle light, loved your lines dear and i like your blog see you again soon, you can follow me and will do the same 🙂

    Wild Rose~

    • Juliette, I thank you so very much for being here and enjoying my post….it means so much to me and I’ll gladly follow you!! Have a wonderful day my friend ~ Hugs x

  19. candle light love is the most awesome thing 🙂

    i loved the poem =)

  20. A very beautiful poem Amanda.. Very passionate and wonderful use of imagery..!!

  21. suzicate Says:

    your flow of words is lovely…love love love unchained melody!

  22. this one truly rocks,
    the words are gentle like spring breeze,
    the images are soft and sweet like starts in a night sky,
    everything fits perfectly…

    Happy Tuesday!

  23. mairmusic Says:

    A lovely ode. I’m nominating you for the Pink award for your contributions to the blogosphere. Check my page in about an hour when the post will be complete.

    • I am honored and proud to accept this award from you and will keep it in a special place!! Thank you so very much my dear friend…you have put a smile on my face this Wednesday morning! Sending you lots of love ~ Hugs x

  24. I found you through Doraz and wow I’m not disappointed, your poetry is gripping and flawless, your images are breathtaking

    • Whhoooohoooo, this makes me very happy to have you here!! Thanks so very much and I will return the compliment. I really aprreciate it so much! Have a wonderful day my friend ~ Amanda x

  25. mangoesntangoes Says:

    What a great poem and the candle graphics is pretty amazing.

  26. This blog is like a secret vault of happiness….:-)

    I love this poem Amanda and the image is gorgeous…looks amazing too against the black background. You rock girl and are very, very gifted !!

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