I move you

to the hidden corners

of my thoughts

In the archive

of my dark soul

trying to hide you

between yellowed books

in which I daily muse

my soul

moving  back and forth

to the tired body

of a crucified cosmos

the endless quest

trying to avoid

or is it an illusion

your picture not fading

in vain, I remain

 endless remember


©AmandavdL 2010


57 Responses to “COSMOS”

  1. guess I can understand the feelings… sometimes the more we supree , the more it merges out…

    Bleeding love is one of my favorites too….
    am new in here…
    you are amazing…
    added you on blog roll…

  2. Great poetry, Amanda. Considers/questions both cosmic and microcosmic “realities.” cheers. Have a great day!

  3. beautiful images,
    you do have the power to create beauty and happiness…

    keep rocking!

  4. Haunting words, so mysterious, the memory you describe. With the image and the music you create a masterpiece. Thank you for sharing, Amanda.

  5. Giiiiirrrrrrrrrlllllllll…this is fantastic! Trying to hide something that keeps resurfacing…
    Such an amazing thought! And it happens so often too!!! I think you’ve captured the idea so well, and have put it forth in a manner which is brilliant and awe-inspiring!
    I love your work!! Oh, and the image is STUNNING!!!!! And so powerful! Totally complements the potent words…
    You Rock My World, Amanda! Stay thus… (love you!!!! )

    • Girlie…I can never wait to read your comments…it’s the highlight of my day…and it tickles me pink when you like what I wrote!! Hope your day has been a good one….sending you loads of lovies xxx

  6. suzicate Says:

    The harder you try to forget, the more you remember! Love the way you put it into words.

  7. Is really nice! Love it.

  8. Wow.. Amanda this one is too good.. when you want to forget and get over something, that’s when it seems to be the hardest.. beautifully said..!! 🙂 much love..!!

  9. Amanda, as a fellow Aussie, I was excited when you visited my little blog! The blog you have here is wonderful, and this poem spoke to the depths of me. And what a stunning image! Mesmerising! 🙂

    Hope you have a great day!

    • G’Day Mate… I am smiling from ear to ear…it is just awesome to know you’re an Aussie too…welcome to my little nook and I am just as happy to see you here!! Know for sure that I will visit you often my friend!! …Have a fabulous week Tony…Hugs ~ Amanda x

  10. smiles. nicely written amanda…i like the flow and the offset rhythm of the last line gives it emphasis…some memories we would rather tuck away but they rear their heads regularly painting all we see…

  11. Amazing.
    I really like this one

  12. Your poem is beautifully expressed and very familiar – it’s in the night I can’t avoid memories, words,… regrets. Sleeplessness too. 😉 But I can’t really complain, some of my most inspired writing has come to me then – or the germ of it has.

    trying to hide you

    between yellowed books

    in which I daily muse

    Oh yeah…

  13. Beautiful….the more you try to put aside a memory, the more it haunts you.
    I like the dark mysterious sound of this poem.
    You too have a great week 🙂

  14. Good layering of emotions, very well captured!

    • Dankie maatjie…I see you’ve just posted a new one…will be heading over shortly!! Always look sooooo forward to read your work!! Lekker dag vir jou…jippeee, dis byna lente en ek kan nie wag nie, is al so gatvol van koud kry!!! Mwah x

  15. In my opinion, Red, this is the prettiest poem I have read in a while…by anyone. I say that sincerely. I’m amazed every time you reach into your heart and write.


  16. Oh, sorry….I LOVE the song!

  17. ladynimue Says:

    i loved this !!!!! brilliant 🙂

  18. love every word!!! 😀

    ur just toooooooo good!!

  19. omg i can relate!!! super lovely, amanda!

  20. Jessicas Japes Says:

    I enjoyed that, Amanda, and I really like the layout and positioning of words. Neat graphic as always!

  21. So. Nicely worded… “endless remember” sometimes some people, some thoughts, some incidences never cross the corners of heart… Like it!

  22. Amazing ! memories are painful sometimes ……. the more you try to forget them the more they keep popping into your mind again and again !
    I really liked reading this 🙂

  23. I’d say I was awake with you, but we are living on different days…but I know how thoughts can keep us awake when what we really need is some good sleep… here’s to sweet dreams for both of us and any others who have been awake in the wee hours! I love the image, the poem, and the song… Happy Day to you! Today is my birthday, I am being celebrated. Heartspell

  24. Amanda, sharp-edged poem about viseral reminders that do not fade. Quite like the lines: in the archive/of my dark soul and then the suggestion of time as ‘yellowed pages’. Written with such care of spare detail. Thanks for post.

    • Thanks so much happyflower, I am thrilled you liked the poem and even more happy to see you here. Hope you have a happy day and I’ll be visiting you often too:) Hugs x

  25. Cool stuff… it….dark and deep….sounds like me…..will pop in again….and youve gained a subscriber…and 3 am… best time to write…….

    • Know for sure that I will do the same…I am an ex SA living here in Australia now…en ek is mal oor die naam Stilekke!!!!!!! Lekker dag vir jou…(of lekker slaap) and keep writing…even at 3am!!! Hugs xxx

  26. lacunaecorridors Says:

    lovely image and poetry

  27. This is really enchanting. You poetry paints such vivid pictures and expresses such strong emotions! Great stuff! You rock!!!!!! Chloe 😀 xx

  28. such powerful emotions you captured, Amanda.. great job 🙂

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