Your attitude can make or break almost any situation.

It is the energy you bring into the room. You can have a positive attitude about the events in your life , or you can come from a place of complaint and misery. You decide. You can consciously choose to respond in a positive way to almost any event or circumstance-a positive attitude is simple a choice you make.

You can change your attitude and change your life.

Now we all know people with negative attitudes . They are the ones who constantly complain, whine , and moan. Nothing seems to go right for them. They are the perpetual victims in life. This is because they are operating at a lower frequency , and through the Law of Attraction they are attracting even more to complain about. The reason they tend to stay ”stuck” in their negative lifestyles is because they are constantly focusing their thoughts and energy on their negative present and negative past. By doing so , they are creating the same future over and over.

On the other hand , we also know people with positive attitudes-the ones who always seem to be happy , the ones who really seem to have a handle on things in their life. They are more fun , their energy feels great to be around , and they are operating at a higher frequency.

People are just  as happy as they make up their minds to be.

                                Abraham Lincoln.

Surround yourself with these positive , nourishing , uplifting people whenever you can. Spend your time with spiritually evolved people who encourage your growth and applaud your successes. Wrap yourself in a support network of inspirational people with positive attitudes and energy.



Dr. Wayne W  Dyer

51 Responses to “ATTITUDE”

  1. lifeinarecipe Says:

    This is why I love visiting your blog and cherish you as a friend! You are a positive light for all of us fellow bloggers. You are giving of yourself in the emotional poems you pen and the wise words you impart. You give us something positive to look forward to and that is a very precious thing in my books! Well said as always Amanda!

  2. This is beautiful and inspirational. I have enjoyed it, Amanda. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Inspiration with which to start the week. Wonderful. Love the picture too. Thanks, Amanda. Have a great week …

  4. divine……nice….

    joy and sorrow are state of your mind……
    happiness is state of our soul…..
    soul = science of universal love…

    love all situations……like Jesus did….

    attitude matters….and utters…..

    Not twice this day, Inch time foot gem , This day will not come again….. Each minute is worth a priceless gem.
    Zen master ” TAKUN ”

    bless you….

  5. Dear Amanda,
    It is even possible to have a positive attitude and be good to people when one is hurting. You are a great friend and one who I admire a great deal. Thank you so much for visiting me and supporting me. I appreciate you more than you will ever know. I made this with you in mind. You are so very special.
    love, alan

    • I am so flattered and happy to be thought of in this lovely poem. You are a great friend too and it is such a pleasure to have your poem on my blog today!!! Sending you both love and thanks from the heart Alan.

  6. wow Amanda.. this is one awesome post..!! And Oddly enough the poem that I will be publishing this evening is on the same topic.. doesn’t focus on positive attitude directly though.. Hope you have a great week ahead..!! Cheers..!! Lots of love..!

  7. Do you even understand love?

  8. “The serenity of mind, gentleness, silence, self-restraint, and the purity of mind are called the austerity of thought.”
    Bhagavad Gita

    Have a super week, my friend, thanks for sharing this.

  9. A lovely and inspiring post, Amanda… We don’t realize how much importance our attitudes hold… it is, like you said, the maker or the breaker in this game of life! A positive attitude can make the worst situation look better…whereas a negative attitude can make the best situation look not so great.
    We all know which category you fall into! You are all about positivity and vigor and love for life! 🙂
    LOOOOOVE YOU, sweet lady!
    Stay thus, and enjoooiieee
    I adore your grit and will … MWAH MWAH!!!

    • Try to always be girlfriend…I appreciate the time and beautiful comments you send me Kavita, I am sorry I have not been along and on top of it all most of the time but am in the midst of a deadline for a major project and am starting an art course at the same time!!! Phewwww…it’s all good, I will still come around every day and try and post as much as I can!!! I love you sweet girl and don’t forget about me…..(smiling) Love you lots xxxxx

  10. Ah…attitude… I’m trying! Thanks for stopping by, I enjoy your blog also, Amanda.

    Warmest Salad


    (have you been observing the Poetry Circle Facebook Group? I’m curious… what are yr thoughts? If you’re thinking your poetry won’t be liked, think again! Tho’ of course one has to be able to take honest crit… I like yr work a lot, from what I’ve read)

    • Well, I am very happy that you like my work Luke and for that reason I will look it up right after these comments!!…I will get Tracy Harris to do the same…he is extremely talented as well and think he would like it. I’ll get back to you soon oxox

  11. Love this post and the quote. This is all so true!

  12. I believe ‘attitude’ can change a lot of things; a strong, positive one can save the day… Thank you for the reminder Amanda and have a great week!

    P.S: I LOVE that song 🙂

  13. lovely quote,
    I agree with your message!

    • Thanks Ji…I am so sorry I’m taking so long to reply but it has been crazy, I have a deadline for a major project at my job and also starting art classes….but will be good soon. I envy you and dont know how you do it all!! Send you love xx

  14. I love emotional poetry, reading and seeing a person’s heart is just beautiful

  15. Our attitude determines our altitude… not sure who said that, but do know I need to remember that more consistently. Great post. I like your short philosophical musing pieces 🙂 cheers, Amanda

  16. So full with wisdom.. our attitude shapes our future, there’s no use in complaining and take a “victim” stand.. and you are one of the most positive people i met online, Amanda 🙂 . A pleasure to know you xxoo

  17. YES….we have got to keep the attitude going. We have got to stay in control. We have got to be the best that we can be. 🙂 Thank you for these lovely thoughts. 🙂

  18. You my dear are one of those up up up people. Always a smile and a word of encouragement
    I know even the most up people have down days. That’s why we all need each other

    moon smiles to a dear soul

    • Whoohoo…3 comments from the moon!!! I am smiling, thanks so much Leslie, I really appreciate it, I have not been as active on here as I would like to be, it’s been a very busy time for me but will catch up soon again. Sending you love my dear friend…and thanks for your continued support and invaluable comments. oxox

  19. The Power of Positive Thinking and Positive Attitudes are truly powerful things…I wonder what a POSITIVE world would look like? Hmmmmm…

    Tracy H

  20. lifeinarecipe Says:

    I had to reread this today. It seems I am being bombarded by comets of negativity the last couple of days. As always your wise words offer strength and I am so thankful that you have penned them for us to use! Thanks Amanda, I hope you receive many positive gifts this day! 🙂 ~Cindy~

    • I know that feeling, I have such a busy week and on top of all, starting an art course….why do we do these things to ourselves:)? I am playing catch up forever but it’s all good…I keep telling myself that tomorrow it will be better. That is why I need positive affirmations in my life too, it keeps me on track and I love sharing it with you my dear friend. Wish me luck, it’s been raining cats and dogs for the 2nd day in a row, and I have to be outa here soon:(:(:( Love yah xxxx

  21. i so agree with you. its a big truth.

  22. Lincoln quote paired with a Lewis song only compliment the message you are sending. I completely agree with you. Surrounding yourself with a positive outlook and positive people and great things will come to you. A big believer in the law of attraction as well as you reap what you sow. Events are just events. They are neither good or bad. People and their emotions make them good or bad. Turn a “bad” situation good and welcome in the positivity. Great Post!

  23. Another great and uplfting post – thanks so much for sharing Amanda. You seem to inspire a lot of people – and you’re definately one of the positive people out there! Your positivity is contagious!

    Happy days – and hope the sun is shining on you – despite it being winter (??) in Australia at the moment??

    Chloe xx

    • I am happy if I can spread a little love baby…the sun is beautiful today and I am about to go and seek it all up!! Happy weekend my friend and sending you loads of love xxx

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