“You Are Mine”?


You read my words

between the lines

asking softly

will you be mine?

stretched hand

eternal horizon

cupid’s arrow

giving them shape

yesterday’s secrets

tomorrow’s dreams

piercing hearts

kindred minds

I hear you whisper


“You are mine”?



©AmandavdL 2010



Picture courtesy of Wildfire

46 Responses to ““You Are Mine”?”

  1. Great poem! buttercup
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Carol Ann Hoel Says:

    Very romantic verse and striking illustration and song with video. More artistry, Amanda. You do it well. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Sometimes, two souls meet, and not even words are required to express how they feel… it’s all “read” in between the lines… It could be 2 lovers, 2 friends… all I know is, that bond is really special! And they know it too!!
    And you, Amanda, have done justice to that hidden-from-all (yet obvious-to-the-two) feeling… This was a breathtaking poem…
    I had written a piece on similar lines a few months back.. it was not a poem though…

    Your lines really shook me!! It’s amazing to see how alike certain people can think (in certain aspects at least)… and yaaayyy to that!!!
    Thanks for being there, A…YOU ROCK! You just seem to know what’s going on in my heart, and write kinda ON that subject just around the same time… pheewww

    LOVE YA!!! And Happy Tuesday!! 😀 Hugs and kisses…

    • I so love to read your comments because you’re always spot on!! You seem to know where I’m coming from and I so appreciate that my friend!! Sometimes you leave me speechless…because YOU read between the lines too!!! “) “) “) I love you Kavita xxx

  4. It is so sweet and touchy!
    U r talent!

  5. Lovely post. It reminded me of the subliminal dance of dating. How, in those early days, you’re always wondering and analyzing words, actions, intentions.

    Well done…

  6. very heartfelt words here….
    it flow and hits home…
    loved it!

  7. I could get into your thoughts and feelings on this lovely poem that made me want to fly and inspire the world with a smile. 🙂 Thank you. 😎

  8. divine……knowing 26 alphabets one can express without an end…..but to add meaning and silence……that is wisdom….in your creativity….god whisper……..you are mine……

  9. Love this poem! Yesterdays secrets,Tomorrows dreams…Love it!xx

  10. ….your work is stunning…..like you mentioned on my blog….I sense a kind of similarity here….like you are inside my head……I know you are inside my music box……you take care now….and I am glad to have virtually met you…..huggs….

  11. A well written piece, Amanda. You continue to blossom 🙂

  12. anummunaf Says:

    wow……………. i liked your poem very much

  13. Never know what beauty is waiting on your blog…lovely as always.

  14. This is really a beautiful poem, Amanda!

  15. Lovely … and nice job paring it with Vaya con Dios! More hugs …

  16. lifeinarecipe Says:


  17. “You read my words, between the lines, asking softly, will you be mine?” oh, how romantic!

    And then how it moves on from “yesterday’s secrets, tomorrow’s dreams”…I just smiled. Love is a wonderful thing and you express it so well in your poetry!

    Have a good day 😀 xx

  18. mairmusic Says:

    Sensational! I also read your recipes, but with regret that I can’t cook well enough to bring them to reality!

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