African rhythm

beat of my heart

 I once was part

of her starlit night

the crescent moon

shining so bright

foreign language

whispering softly

my naked desires

in blazing fires

forever merging

on fertile ground

in true tradition

distant voices

  lustrous glint

 infinite love


part of me


©AmandavdL 2010

78 Responses to “AFRICAN RHYTHM”

  1. Powerful imagery and word usage. Loved it!

  2. there is rhythm in your words, this reads like a song! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. powerful poem dear, loved that graphic xxx

  4. This is an awesome post. The leopard, the verse, the Lion King video. What an amazing creation. The words of the poem are spellbinding. Thank you for putting together such a work of art.

  5. smart words,
    cute flow..

  6. Beat those drums, Amanda! Beat them with abandon! 😀

    Great rhythm to your words here! Thumptastic!

  7. Fantastic image.
    Fantastic poem ans fantastic video.
    ie, fantastic 😀

  8. WOWWWWW!!! Thus spoke the wild spirit in you 🙂
    This was lovely, Amanda!!! Yes… the place where we once lived, and grew up…. is the place that holds a special corner in your heart… and your poem totally captures that magic and nostalgia beautifully! Mumbai is that place to me – where I was born and raised – and every time I type or even utter the word, I get goosebumps.,.. Now, sitting in NYC (which ofcourse I LOVE, and find closest to Mumbai in all its characteristics), I am reminded of this place all the more… but I am happy to be in NY, cuz if its not bombay, it has to be new york! 🙂
    I absolutely could relate to the feelings in your poem, girl… and I semi-choked on reading it!!!

    You manage to touch the most tender parts of my soul, every single time with your writing!!! Phheewwww… YOU ROCK!!!

    Have a great Friday!!! And Cheers to AFRICA!!!! 😀 😀 (many hugs and kisses to you)

    • The wild spirit spoke my friend…you are right….it will always be in my blood…of course I love Australia, I live here now but South Africa will always be part of me. Nothing in this world smells like African soil…I know you will understand!! I am glad we share those feelings…Cheers to Mumbai!!!! Love you so muh xxxx

  9. Hi Amanda. About 30 % of my congregation is from west Africa. Something from your poem made me think of the gift of the time I have been given to spend with them. Thanks. – Bill

  10. Amanda, I think this is one of your best. I read it out loud, with the lines more connected like this:

    African rhythm, beat of my heart,

    I once was part of her

    and so on… I’m not sure if that was your tempo, but that’s what my head did with it, and oh, it’s just so in touch with the colors, sounds, strangeness yet familiarness of that unforgettable country.
    The leopard – gorgeous.

  11. Yes, it is like a very beautiful song 🙂

  12. Long live Africa, home of my dear sweet friend, Amanda! I feel your lasting connection to your roots in this poem and it is just breath-taking and oh, so lovely…..we must never forget where we started from. Sorry, I’ve been so remiss in commenting here….I am trying to catch up with my crazy-lately life! Please forgive! 🙂 🙂 🙂 XXXXXXXXXHugs to you! Heartspell

    • Thanks so much my dear Heartspell….yes, she will always live on in my heart forever …I understand so much about trying to find time for everything…it’s been a crazy time for me too and we can only do so much. I am never going to stop loving you, even when I don’t see you for a bit….you know that, don’t you? Much love my dear friend xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Mwah xx

  13. Jessica Graf Says:

    very mystical!

  14. I can feel the beauty and excitement of living in Africa through your poem. The lion and the song made this post even more powerful. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  15. Your heart is in tune to the rhythm my friend! Love this poem xx

  16. Africa has fascinated me since I was a boy reading volumes about the hunters and the hunted on the plains, and in the jungle. I had big dreams all the way into adulthood, but alas, I’ve yet to make it there…this piece reminded me of my dreams. Thank You, Amanda. Very well done. 🙂

  17. I just love this……en ek is sò lus vir die bos…..en sterlig aande…en jakkalstjank daar ver….I love your work…..take care now…..

    • Ek kom in Oktober Suid-Afrika toe en kan nie meer wag nie…wil die bos inasem en tot na middernag langs ‘n groot vuur sit en wyn drink!! Ai ai, darem nie meer so lank nie. Mwah xx

  18. wow!!! startling!!! :O

    i loved every line… took to me that world amanda…

    awesome write 🙂

  19. So wonderful and rhythmic! The rhythm drives the poem harder and harder making the impact of the words increase over time. Loved it! You are talented, my friend.

  20. Very nice Amanda, African rhythm and drum beats…

  21. I found this exotic and steamy, speaking with a timeless rhythm, much like Africa herself. It also reminded me of two haiku I wrote:

    Gray mists conceal
    clever, cautious animals
    eyes aglow at night

    Lionesses creep
    through Serengeti grass with
    infinite patience

    • That is just awesome Haiku’s Eric….Africa is in my blood, I grew up there and still miss it today. Thanks so much and hope you have an fantastic weekend. Hugs xx

  22. dramaticmind Says:

    on fertile ground in true tradition… love it….

  23. Fabulous…great pic with his eyes opening and closing. And The Lion King, one of my all time favorites!

  24. This is a topic that is dear and close to my heart…thank you for your support and ur fabulous work

  25. Amanda – this is really AMAZING!!!!!! I love this poem! I love everything about it and personally think it’s one of your best. And yes, combined with the wonderful graphic and Lion King video this whole visit has been a real special one. Thank you lady! You really are talented 😀

    • Awww Chloe, that was the nicest comment you have given me…Africa will always be in my blood and heart since I grew up there. I am going again in October and look so forward to it!! Thank you special gorgeous girl, I so appreciate you and hope you have a wonderful weekend….mice free!!! LOL…. Hugs xxxxxx

      • You’re more than welcome. I find all of your poetry amazing but this one particularly spoke to me. I think it’s because I have a number of friends from South Africa – and your love and passion for the place jumped from every line. I bet you’re counting down the days til you go back huh?

        Have a Happy Day 😉 😀 xx

      • Can’t wait my friend…they are all over the wold now!! Have a kick ass weekend girlfriend xx Hugs xx

  26. Beautiful! I love African rhythms as well, your poem speaks longingly of another world, not inhabited now but never far from the beat of the writer’s heart.

  27. … and a nice beat to go with.
    perfect 🙂

  28. thoughtsnotlost Says:

    This poem has a dreamy quality too it. So amazing.

  29. Your poetry is music. Compelling imagery. I’m amazed that English is a second language. Victoria

    • Now that was the kindest thing to say…I really appreciate it so much and would love for you to come back soon again. Much love my friend and have a great weekend. Hugs xx

  30. mairmusic Says:

    As always, you capture the feel of a moment in a slinky stream of words– super!

  31. OMG!! First off the poem is full of imagery and there is a rhythm here. wonderful piece of work. Second, He Lives in You is my jam! I love that song. Bravo!

    P.S.- I’d seen where you’d left a comment on my blog and decided to pop on over. I will be back for more 🙂

    • Thanks so very much my friend, so so happy to see your smiling face here, you are a very talented writer in your own right and I will do the same. I so appreciate your presence here dear one. Have a fabulous weekend. Hugs xxxx

  32. Wow- this was strong, gripping and intense Amanda, full of wonderful imagery! I love the Lion King and that song is just great 🙂

    • Lua, that is one of my all time favorites…happy to see you, I thought you’ve gone away? Anyway, thanks again, you are always so kind and never fail to visit me, for that I say thank you my dear friend. Have a fabulous weekend and I am sending you love xxxx

  33. The butterfly award for you
    have a gr8 week 🙂

  34. i agree with some of the other comments here in that there is definitely a strong rhythm in this piece; you really can almost hear the drums–i love it! 🙂

  35. very beautiful and again… I love the art you put up on your site. where do u get it all from? keep up the amazing work!

    • I have a CD with some of it on…but sometimes looking for the right image takes so much longer than writing the poem!! And not to talk about the video!!! :):) Thanks so much and hope you had a brilliant weekend xxx

  36. The “kitty” is fabulous. I love it … the peom evokes Africa as I imagine her to be … Thanks for this! Absolutely lovely … xo

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