They call her

the Queen

 of Drama

 the world’s

 her stage

 another day

 another tale

 no apathy here

maybe a tear

  or gleeful delight

late at night

forever a leap

 into another dance

soaring the sky

 on waters of life…

 share my life

be my Romeo






©AvdL 2010


51 Responses to “CAPULET”

  1. Romeo and Juliet is easily my favorite of The Bard. It’s such a sad, but powerful tale of Love. Your poem is wonderfully done, and a fitting tribute to Capulet…

    Signed… Montague

  2. Its just awesome. you are queen of poetry 🙂

  3. Another nice one, Amanda. I always love Romeo and Juliet – such a sad story… and it plays out still today!

  4. I agree with adeeyoyo; a timeless theme.
    Very nice, Amanda!

  5. Romance my friend…Romance! xx

  6. So passionate, and so well written. I love the way you describe her.

    *sigh* sometimes I wish it were that simple, to just ask one to be my Romeo….and I his Juliet…but life doesn’t work that way.

  7. As Cindy notes…’a classic theme’ in a classic form…well done Amanda!

  8. Very nice. And I love the photo, too.

  9. The romantic in you is coming out, my dear. love it! xxoo 🙂

  10. Yes, a timeless theme – and you have certainly done it credit here! As for the image, I think you’ve outdone even yourself (and that’s saying something!) – it’s incredible!

  11. I don’t want us to be Romeo and Juliet – they die!

    (How about Anthony and Cleopatra? Wait, no… same thing!)

  12. And with this, I deem you ‘Queen of Hearts’ !!!
    Tres bien, ma cherie!!! This was wonderful! The story of a story – EPIC!!

    (by the way, one of my close friends calls me drama queen… so this felt real close to the heart… :)… but my story is still going on!! :))

    • Nous deux sera le drama queen ensemble…my 2nd name!! And true, our story’s still ongoing!! Yeahhh…happy you enjoyed darling and hope your day goes smoothly. Sending you many hugs across the ocean!! Mwah xxxxx

  13. This is so dreamily romantic… well done, my dear friend. I love it. Happy Day and Happy Spring! 🙂 Heartspell xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • The days are getting more glorious, the jasmine started blooming and I am in seventh heaven. Best time of the year by far!! Suppose the romantic in me will never ever die!! Much love to you gorgeous girlfriend oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  14. Ah! A romantic escapade! A fanciful flight into romance! The illustration is perfect for the verse. The music, too. I love to hear the violin…and the sound of birds chirping at the end adds to the mood! Thank you for sharing, Amanda!

    • We should never ever forget the romance of life…even if just in our dreams…you are welcome my friend and thanks so much for always supporting me. You are one special Lady!! Hugs xxx

  15. You are so good at writing of poignant romance, Ms B, here’s hoping your life is blessed with it as well. Myself I’m more into dry leaves and howling winds 🙂 Nicely written!

  16. such beautiful words that captured a heart’s longing. it is awesome indeed!

  17. Ur poem is so sweet as usual. Love ur video

  18. Perfect. 😎 Hope all is well.

  19. divine……with such insights… sounds like Rumi…..
    love all….

  20. STUNNING! Words as well as the amazing image! You’re a delight 🙂 x

  21. The living couplet– love this!


  22. Beautiful painting. The words of a fine tipped brush. Spoken in the tongue of non-vocal origin. Words that can only be seen in color, and high definition of a black and white soul.
    God Bless you

  23. “be my Romeo and I your Juliet”..what else would a man want to hear from a woman?….you convey emotions so nicely.


  24. A poem and picture worthy of this great them. Just lovely.

    I didn’t realize I had missed so many of you posts, Amanda. I’m so enjoying catching up though …

    Thanks for all your wonders. 🙂

    Hugs! and xx

  25. Very romantic – but as I read it, I thought how the words “They call her the Queen of Drama the world’s her stage another day another tale” could be about most of us poets…the world is our oyster! And regardless of what we are feeling inside we can write about whatever we choose.

    Anyways…can’t stop….I’m off to look for my Romeo….

    Have a great week!! 😀 xx

    • I had to laugh when I read your comment, Kavz says that her friends call her the Queen of Drama too and this one suits her so much!! And so true, the world is our oyster…never ever stop looking for that special Romeo…he is waiting there somewhere just around the corner…(we hope) xxxxxx Have a great week too darling xx

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