In the distance

a song

of bygones

entire of


and time passes 

still the clouded


pounds in the

serenity of my

solo heart


©AvdL 2010


58 Responses to “YESTERDAY”

  1. Oh yes, I like this Amanda! I have (believe it or not) been working on the same theme – talk about ‘great minds’. 😆 Take care… xxx

  2. That song has such special memories for me, thanks for the reminder girlfriend!

    • For me too Cindy, my most favourite song of all time, I always say when I leave this planet, that is the song they can listen to!! Brings back very deep memories!! Glad you enjoyed and sending you loads of love my girlfriend xxx

  3. Beautiful and sad. I love the feeling of melancholy in this one. You say so much with such few words. You have beautiful talent!

  4. sometimes the scars of past are so deep that they keep reminding of the wound, even after healing.

    perfect beauty.

  5. This is beautiful… happy to be here..

    I thank you for your encouragement on my pages..lets keep visiting each other.. thanks!

  6. Very nice way to start my day.
    Your words always sing…

  7. Oh, such a sweet, sorrowful thing … I like the feathered mask. Really makes a perfect complement … and the song brings back memories … There’s still some hanging around in the old noggin! 🙂

    Happy days, my talented friend. Poem on. Hugs! xx

  8. Beautiful song- supporting your words.. I’ve heard that the 1st time.. 🙂
    Those words had actually taken me to a room where I could see a girl with her face digging her pillow and crying for her beloved..
    so sad was it to feel, so nice was it to read..!!


    • Darling….you have incredible imagination!! And we all have those times, don’t we? Thanks for your always warm and kind comments my dear Olivia, it means so much to me 🙂 Hugs x

  9. the serenity of the zen bug is now hovering over you. it is easy to be complicated but not easy to be simple. you did this well.. 😉

  10. Peter Sarstedt is not an artist I know but I loved his song and the words that you penned…you’ve got me thinking before I’ve finished my first cup of coffee. 😉

    • This is one of my favourite songs ever…he actually wrote this many years ago for Sophia Loren. Also having my first cup of coffee 🙂 Hope your day was a good one and sweet dreams Charles 🙂 xxx

  11. Wait, didn’t The Beatles do “Yesterday”? (LOL!)

  12. That song brings back memories – and your words play its refrain.

    still / the clouded melody / pounds…

    Love it!

  13. Carol Ann Hoel Says:

    I am listening to the song…. It’s beautiful and fits nicely with your verse. The image of the woman’s face behind a likeness of dried flowers presents the aura of times “bygone” that you speak of in the verse. You are very creative, Amanda. Thank you for inspiring me again today! Blessings to you…

  14. This is lovely!

    I enjoyed reminiscing with Mr. Sarstedt as well!

  15. Thank you for the entire presentation, Amanda. All of it bears the fruit of a beautiful soul.

  16. This was something I was, previously, unfamiliar with but I have to say it accompanied the words quite nicely.

    I usually have a joke or a quip but I think I’m just going to enjoy this post and leave it at that.

  17. Great poem! Loved the soundtrack. Just got to love the French.

  18. stunning music…

    fancy taste,
    masterful job!

  19. rest yourself, Good luck on your agenda…

    the awards for the celebrate blogger will be given later this week, as you know, yesterday, I have to prepare for Rally post, I don’t want the awards to conflict Poets Rally participation….

    your votes will be counted.
    thanks for the hardwork, both you and Kavita…

    rest, take it easy, and smiles!
    I will place a poem in so that you are a fresh poet to explore.

    • Thank you so much Jingle, I will read them all and support all the fresh poets as well, just have to be finished with a project before next Wednesday for my bussiness. You can always count on me, Thanks for your wonderful encouragement ….loads of love always xxx

    • You are awesome Jingle, and you should have a rest too dear one, you never ever stop for anyone….I send you much love my girlfriend…over the continents xxxx

  20. You packed so much in this short poem.

  21. thoughtsnotlost Says:


    “…pounds in the

    serenity of my

    solo heart…”

    This line really hit home. Great job my friend!

  22. Wow. I like it. Great job!

  23. I really dig this , Amanda
    Peace to you,

  24. such is the way of both lingering blissful memories and painful memories. a sad, but great poem. The pic is very cool 🙂 XX

  25. I am so sorry Amanda. I finished looking through all the old photo’s and there is no trace of the ones I thought we had taken. Talk about being disappointed… well I was SO looking forward to finding them and now they may not even resist. Spoke to my brother last night too and he thought he remembered the photo’s too – weird! 😦 xxx

    • That’s ok Adee, I have lost so many pic when I came to Australia as well…as long as the memorie’s in your heart my dear friend…thanks for going to the trouble to tell me, I appreciate it 🙂 Hope you’re having a splendid day…almost 7pm here and time to call it a day…I will comment on new poems tomorrow….lovies xxxx

  26. Beautifully written, Amanda…touching to the very core. The image struck me and moved me to be misty-eyed at the broken pieces of a beautiful face…powerful; it causes one to pause and consider.

  27. Both your words and the image really sent shivers down my spine…you have the power to totally capture your readers senses Amanda; your poems are awesome and your blog is total CLASS!!! I love it so and think you are one incredible lady. So glad we met here 😀 xx

    • I can say the same dear Chloe….am so happy to call you friend…my life has been so busy, like Kavi…have deadlines to meet before Wednesday but promise to read your wonderful work soon. I think you are a very special lady too…with unreal talent!! Sending you loads of love and hope you have a wonderful weekend. Mwah mwah xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo

      • Thank you for such a beautiful message Amanda – the support you provide this blogging community is AMAZING. I hope you’ve had a rewarding week and that you are getting on top of all of your deadlines… 😉

        Mwah, mwah! xXx

  28. simple and deep ❤

  29. Kellie Moore - Elmore Says:

    my god! this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy I stumbles across you!!!!! 🙂


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