Numb to the pain

and the rain

in my soul

to the strain

to maintain

just a bit of control

in my mind

where I find

nowhere to hide

a place to unwind

a place that’s still kind

a place for me to hide

but my heart

torn apart

wants to bleed


Every poem has a special meaning…this one has more.


55 Responses to “RIVER OF LIFE”

  1. Sometimes a little rain must fall to wash away the dull dust of the road of life…but be assured the sun will shine again and flowers will bloom.

  2. Ah, my sweet friend, I send you love and light across these miles.

    • Whooohoooo, I felt that, just caught it!!!!!!! Thanks my dearest friend, I appreciate your friendship and support soooo much, more than words can say. Love to all always xxx

  3. Hey this is a very heart touching or you can say painful poem . There is so much pain in every line of this poem . I don’t know what has gone wrong with you but all I can say is that after something bad something good does happen. So keep your fingers crossed ! Something good is in on your way …. :)!

    What is your current emotional condition?

  4. Oh my God!
    My heart seems to be broken after reading ur poem!

    • I am just fine my friend, just fiction 🙂 I have not been around visiting so much as I have a deadline to meet but will be back to normal in no time 🙂 Sending you love my friend xx

  5. Beautiful Amanda 🙂 Love the build up and the calm in the end 🙂

  6. Very lovely poem Amanda, but oh so sad my friend! Hope you’re not sad too? xxx

    • No, I am not sad Adee, been at that place a long time ago and still recall the pain at the time but just fine now. I can write so well about sadness and it sucks sometimes LOLOL. (Imagination takes over)…I hope you had the best Friday and long weekend ahead!! How cool is that! Guess what I’ll be doing….grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (working) Sending you loads of sunshine and love across the ocean 🙂 Mwah xx

  7. Loved it and enjoy reading you, thanks for the sweet comments for my potluck entries, see you again soon x 🙂

    • Thanks for being here Julliette, your comment and support means so much, very happy that you’re part of Potluck!!! Have a great weekend and see you Sunday night 🙂 🙂 Hugs xxx

  8. Heart bleeding pain and sorrow through these word…Hugs to you..Yvettex

    • Hugs right back at you my friend…I have not been around visiting so much as I have a deadline to meet but will be back to normal in no time 🙂 Have a great weekend and I’ll catch up on all I missed than 🙂 Lovies xxx

  9. ..feeling alot of pain from this.
    good conveyance here

  10. Very strong poem here and a change for you in the rhyming…. very nicely done and the image…. gorgeous. Red, White, and Black; so beautiful together. Sorry I have been so remiss in my commenting lately…lots of other things taking time away from here. Happy Weekend, Amanda1 Hope you have time for fun and doing something you love…. 🙂 Heartspellxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxo

    • I also fully understand my friend, been just as busy….I have not been around visiting so much as I have a deadline to meet but will be back to normal in no time 🙂 I am sending you love and hope you have a brilliant weekend too xxxxxxxxx 🙂

  11. The combination of your words and the video create an emotion of sadness and loneliness for a love now gone…beautiful…but painful….excellent poem.

    • Amazing how we can recall memories from the past … 🙂 I am happy to say I am not sad anymore…imagination runs wild in the early morning hours 🙂 Have a great weekend dear Charles xxx

  12. So sad, and yet so beautiful in its form and in its ability to evoke true emotion… Sending you love and hugs, dear Amanda!

  13. danroberson Says:

    I feel your heart being torn apart as you maintain control on the outside. There is no place to hide during moments like that and you expressed that fact very well.

  14. love the rhythm in this; it really seems to give life to all the sadness and pain you’re describing. lovely, friend.

  15. This one reads like a melody with lyrics that sing a song of painful loss. The red umbrella, red lipstick, and red nails all against a backdrop of black call attention to the last lines, “but my heart torn apart wants to bleed”… Thank you for sharing your artful creation, Amanda. Blessings to you…

  16. Very strong sense of emotion coming through this poem my friend. Awesome job!

    • Thanks Tekia, I have not been around visiting so much as I have a deadline to meet but will be back to normal in no time 🙂 I send you love and hope you have a great weekend my friend xxxx

  17. The words of this poem just tap-dance off the screen and flow Soooo magically. Another great poem my friend xx

  18. Touching, in the tragic sense…a great poem, with a wonderful flow to it, and powerful emotion coursing. Fine work.

  19. Sending you many hugs, my friend– take some time to smell impending spring this week-end!

  20. hope you well.
    beautiful poem,
    carry pride, smiles!

  21. you always amaze me with your choice of pix. They are so splendid.

    You made my day by posting two poems in one day. thanks.

    i can feel the deep pain and truth of the poem. it touches the very soul.

  22. I really like the rhythm and rhyme scheme of this poem. It flows very nicely. The message I get from it is very strong too! Excellent work 🙂

  23. Numb to the pain

    and the rain

    in my soul

    Gosh … it is like my thoughts somehow ! Numbness , the ache ……
    I loved the expression ! Indeed this poem has more …..
    Meanings that themselves are glittered in every line ……

  24. a very painful poem. job well done, everyone is left feeling like something tragic has happened.

  25. alleenloper Says:

    a little window into the soul. It is a treasure when people allow their hearts to talk directly. Even if it is from forgotten times.

    • Thanks my friend, so happy to see you here…I am also sorry for not always around lately because I am working on a large project but hope to be back to normal soon:) Sending you much love…I feel your pain girlfriend xxx

  26. Whoa! How did I miss this one? Pure delight. The photo reminds me of that great one of Audrey Hepburn with the big hat from … I think … Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Hugs! xx

  27. Naomi Estment Says:

    So powerful, Amanda. You are truly gifted.

  28. You could definitely write country songs.

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