Right here….waiting




a secret lies within

infinite body of love

two souls entwined

immersing our spirit

of fulfilment and love

this rush of emotions

our labyrinth of ardor

froze in this moment

every beat of our heart

come fly with me darling

like there is no tomorrow

for dreams do come true




©AvdL 2010

91 Responses to “Right here….waiting”

  1. Beautiful poem, Red, just Beautiful…and so well written. The picture is perfect for the poem. You have such immaculate taste and style… Trifecta Perfecta!


  2. I love the ‘labrynth of ardor’.
    Beautiful and hopeful poem.

  3. Evocative! “our labyrinth of ardor” 🙂

  4. I love your shining heart… beautiful! 🙂 Heartspellxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxox

  5. beautiful words…one frozen moment CAN last a lifes emotion!…Dream on…baci baci xx

  6. your image is extraordinary…
    where did you get it?

    love your taste on love and life.
    fabulous post.

  7. Wow, what a stunning photo and poem to welcome us on your blog. I really love the flow of your words. Beautifully written. Have a wonderful day.

  8. I do think that is part of the secret – to live as if there is no tomorrow, fully appreciating what we have today! Geat post, Amanda. xxx

  9. Sweet words of love. Great Job, Darling.xx

  10. nice one shot amanda…living like there is no tomorrow…invited risk…and those that risk much for love as often well rewarded…nice one shot

  11. Fabulous One Shot. I like both poem and illustration and double Wow on the illustration. Dramatic… as many of yours are.

    …fly like there’s no tomorrow, dreams do come true…

    They often do. Hope so for all of yours, dear one. Hugs! xx

  12. Yes, dreams DO come true! The image was outstanding too.
    (Where do you get them?)

  13. all that matters is Now, living each moment as if it is the very last 🙂

    Great poem!!!

  14. Pasionately wonderful, Amanda!! And what a gorgeous image 🙂 xx

  15. The bright red heart is strikingly beautiful and introduces well this passionate verse of love and embrace. Thank your for another romantic creation. Blessings to you, Amanda.

  16. so full of beauty of love. 🙂

  17. Soaring and romantic. Very nice!

  18. connecting to that energy as often as we can brings us so much bliss. nice one shot!

  19. oooh i love that richard marx song, such memories, coupled with the passion in your words… powerful.

  20. I too, enjoyed this poem. You’ve got some really great lines in there. “Labrynth of ardor” was well loved by many people, and I add my voice to that group. Well done.

  21. Oh, this is so pretty! Soft and lyrical and lovely!!

  22. Such a beautiful poem!

  23. loving, living as if there’s no tomorrow – I love that, and “labyrinth of ardor” is an awesome image… Hugs!

  24. This is lovely …would say more but at courthouse on jury duty.

  25. Very romantic and full of “love-making”… Beautiful.

  26. “infinite body of love,” such a great phrase, and poem. The graphic is also very cool. Thanks for showing me where the “sea of love” is 🙂 hugs

  27. Beautiful, Amanda. Oh, yeah, and what Brian said.

  28. moondustwriter Says:

    Amanda – all of your poems focus on beauty. No surprise that you have the artistic talent that pinpoints beauty.

    This piece is a great statement of love, hope and dreams

    A One Shot Masterpiece

    Moon love

  29. Very beautiful words! Really liked this one.

  30. a beautifully intimate piece. love the last line. bravo!

  31. Yes, dreams DO come true!

  32. Your love poems are so believable – Each time I read them, I feel that some lucky guy is loved more than most people ever dream of. That image of the heart must be yours. Shiny, big, dancing and growing more capacious all the time.

  33. I can say this is sooooo true for us, babes! 🙂 Am pretty sure we were soulmates or something in some previous life! heheheh … SERIOUSLY!!
    This poem is beautiful… and very very true! HAVE TO read to hubby! He will LOVE it too!!

    Love ya, sweetie! Keep on writing…. and you won’t have to wait too long… your admirers (like me) will come running to read your lovely work..
    (many hugs)

    • I am happy that you have enjoyed this girlfriend, and true…we are connected in a way that is hard to describe!! I love you and send you many hugs too 🙂 🙂 🙂 xxxx

  34. Lovely pic!Just the color of love,RED!Amazing words.So glad I was able to bump into your blog!

    Looking forward to reading more of your works.

  35. The passion of red and the heat of love. And binding with briars our joys and desires. Hope your week goes well.

  36. So gorgeous, but how could it be anything else?? I’ve really missed coming to see your work!!! Hope you’re doing well!

  37. DiamondsAndDogs Says:

    So spiritual. Your work is always lovely. I’ve missed visiting you. Best wishes.

    • I have missed you girlfriend, so happy to see you here….Have been looking forward to hear from you for such a long time now and actually thought about you often. Sending you so much love across the universe….blessing to you always. Mwah xoxoxoxoxo and another Mwah xxx

  38. Beautiful…it makes me feel like I should dream again 🙂

  39. Bodies entwined and dreams come true… nice one… I liked it so much…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  40. … and I so love you.. again- this optimistic and loving piece can only be yours. Each word dipped in perfect balance of emotions and expectations.. wowie.. you are so sweet Dear.. Lovies.. xoxox

  41. My Dear Girlfriend Mandieeezzz,

    Here I come with my surprise I had been cooking for you- Lovies…xoxox
    A simple award for being a Family to me..

    Happy Weekend..

  42. I just had an “awww” moment after reaading this… very warm, very beautiful. love the picture and “Right here waiting” is one of my most favorite songs EVER!!!
    This was another masterpiece by you Buttercup!!
    have a great Sunday 🙂

  43. When a dream comes true,
    And every heartbeat of two,
    Is immersed in love’s infinite sea,
    It’s beautiful what love can be.

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