BLUE MOON (One Shot Wednesday)




Flashbacks of you

I browse endlessly

through the pages

of my memory

inquiring all of you

in the luminous light

 of the silver blue moon

I find many an angel


 it’s your eyes I’m seeking

your mouth, your hands

and through the window

the Southern Cross

caresses the night

and in the light

of the Blue Moon

I find you

on the empty pillow

beside my own


©AvdL 2010

 Submitted for

One Shot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry

106 Responses to “BLUE MOON (One Shot Wednesday)”

  1. would love to see the southern cross one day

  2. betweenhearts75 Says:

    I just promised myself I’d get to bed but so happy I stopped by here first! What a beautiful way to end my night reading. So dreamy and beautiful, love the image, love the music, in love with that blue moon. You have me imagining my sweet love in dreams on the “empty pillow beside my own” ~ahhh so sweet!!! 🙂 April *hugs* dear friend your words are a true treasure!

    • I do that most of the time too 🙂 Hope you have sweet dream and dream of your sweet love 🙂 Hug the pillow in the meantime 🙂 Love you sweet April 🙂 xxx

  3. Oh, that’s lovely! And the blue moon sparkling in the water is beautiful…

  4. Wow!!! This is awesome.

  5. what a beautiful poem! I love the image of Blue moon.

  6. Simply the best!….There’s something about the southern cross…I look at it everytime I’m home funny enough! xx

  7. You create a majestically, romantic atmosphere… very emotional …the animations are always a treat too.

  8. penelopephoebe Says:

    Hey, clever you, writing such a haunting poem and linking it with the wonderful Chris Isaak. My cup overflows:>)

  9. Just imagine this…under that same moon you and your loved one may be sharing the same thought through moon-mail. Or if your loved one has passed one could just see their spirit traveling on the moon beams as free as the wind and know that you may earn the right to be there to dancing on those moon beams one day as well. How could those beams not be magical?
    They carry love in their glow. I am certain of it!

    • Your imagnation has taken me right there …what an awesome description you have painted here…hmmm..dancing on those moon beams 🙂 🙂 Love it so…thanks for being here and have a great day my friend xx

  10. diabolik181 Says:

    It all comes together to make a sensual wholeness. Very very nice.

  11. This is a fantastic poem, Amanda, it may well be the best one you have written. Wonderful lines and structure, but the best part is the emotion and image it evokes…a true Love poem. Beautiful!

  12. Beautiful I am in love now!=P haha happy Wednesday, my friend!<3

  13. I especially love the imagery you use to open this poem. It is very evocative. Something we can all identify with :O)

  14. those last two lines bring this into complete focus…lots of emotion stirred…nice one shot.

  15. Very lovely, but sad too… I liked it very much, my friend! xxx

  16. full of emotions – sorrow and love

    great one shot 🙂

  17. excellent poem
    ‘Caresses the night’ that sounds so nice when you say it out loud

  18. I absolutely love this……stunning piece indeed…..take care…..huggs and xxxxx

  19. What a perfect blue love poem. Sweet! I listened to the video and was 15 again, dancing with my first beau. Thank you for that! It’s not a dream…there was a time before my legs felld own around my ankles!

    LOL 🙂

    Have a great day, dear one. Thanks for the memories! Hugs! xx

  20. Dear Amanda,
    I am not tuned to so much blue love from the fair sex.
    You create naughty desires.
    Mystery of empty pillow is, I hope not flirting with ghosts.
    It is really, really very faminine-ly great.

    Have Sweetest dreams and whatever else you want.

    • No flirting with ghosts, luckily 🙂 🙂 🙂 Amazing where our mind wonders in the deep dark hours of the night, I normally have a notepad and pen right next to my bed and write it down, worried I might forget when I wake 🙂 Thanks for your lovely comment and hope you have a wonderful day my friend xx

  21. Amanda, this is so lovely and poignant. And I love the mention of the Southern Cross. I was so thrilled the first time i saw it. (Of course, I was a little tipsy too…)

    Nice One Shot, dear friend. xoxo

  22. and in the light

    of the Blue Moon

    I find you

    on the empty pillow

    beside my own – so bittersweet, beautiful way to wrap this emotional poem

  23. such an elegant poem. i loved it, as well as the picture.

  24. Simply beautiful! The sorrow and romance intertwine exquisitely. Great write, my friend!

  25. Really can find angels from time to time..but true love?? This has a subtle beat to it…

  26. awww lovely picture..the song is a pure bliss and Amanda your words take my breath away..lovely poem and quite moving..tight write 🙂

  27. sometimes we meet a person and stop searching for any one else. 🙂

  28. I found myself wanting to fall onto that pillow, so it would no longer be empty. (Or maybe I’m just sleepy? LOL!)

    Romantic and hopeful, with just a hint of sorrow.

  29. P.S.

    I saw Chris Isaak in concert – great stuff!

  30. Beautiful piece! you show a lot of deep emotion in here, and the flow is superb. I really enjoy reading your work:)

  31. As I read the last line, I had to take a deep breath …such beauty in the poem.

  32. Amanda, you make me smile 🙂 u write so beautiful.. its a pleasure dropping by here whenever I can 😀

    the starting and ending were the best I felt! 🙂

    My One Shot and Potluck Is HERE:

  33. Beautiful – loved the final lines…

  34. Blue Moon is one of my all time favorite love songs. Your images in graphics and those formed by your artfully placed words in verse express the heart longings of one remembering a former love somehow absent. Your talent for touching the heart of every one that has ever loved another stands out in all your work. Thank you for sharing another work of art.

  35. moondustwriter Says:

    “It’s your eyes I’m seeking”
    So much to fill that empty pillow

    You know the moon is one of my favorite subjects – this one is exceptionally bright and full of meaning my dear

    Thanks for the Blue One Shot

    smiles from the not so blue moon

  36. Haunting images! Well done. – bill

  37. Very interesting and I liked reading it so much..and the images are good too…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  38. “…I find you on the empty pillow beside my own”. Wow!

    This version of Blue Moon is one of the best I have ever heard and the poem makes a reader come back over and over and over again.

    Big Hugs for this one!!

  39. yes…there on the pillow! I love this moment within the blue moon…thanks for letting me witness such beauty!

    Lovely lady!!! you are fantastic

  40. I associate this song to my mother’s generation–that noble generation of WWII soldiers and wives who thought those might be the “end of days” and prayed for us, the baby boomers to be the salvation of the planet. Sadly, it seems we failed; but your poem is so fitting as a tribute to the many who have served for home and country. Thank you. Gay @beachanny

  41. a kind of sensual melancholy in this; reads beautifully. well written, dear friend. 🙂

  42. Lovely, so romantic and passionate. I loved the ending. You always write such romantic poetry, I really like that. I find it hard to write romance.

  43. A lovely one shot–a longing, lulling sense of romanticism, quite atmospheric. An emotional treat, with a distinctly dream-like quality to it that I find only serve to draw you in deeper. Nice work. And the animation’s a nice plus, too. Just a gif you picked up somewhere or something you made yourself?

    • Chris, this one was a gif but I am lucky to have a girlfriend that does graphic design and send me the most amazing images. I am glad you liked the read and value your support more than you’ll know. Have a great day my friend xx

  44. Amanda, you wrote this today? God, how lovely. The thoughtfulness in choosing words, the animation is cool, too.

    Great work, my new friend! Amy Barlow Liberatore

    PS The old standard “Blue Moon” is one of my favorites to sing at jazz gigs.

  45. So melancholic, so dreamy, and yet filled with quiet and passionate longing, too. Gorgeous!

    (and I love me some Chris Isaak so thank you for that, too)

  46. kelleygrrl Says:

    So lovely!

  47. NotATameLion Says:

    There is nothing like seeing one’s beloved in the moonlight. Your poem made me miss mine–the universality of specific experience is a transcendent and powerful thing. Well written.

    Thank you for this poem.

  48. A lovely, lovely, evocative poem.

    Lady Nyo

  49. Beautiful oneshot and truly touched girlfriend very creative you’re too 🙂

  50. Beautiful, nostalgic, haunting and the visuals are very clever.

  51. so beautiful – loved esp. the last line…I find you on the empty pillow beside my own..

  52. Amanda, I loved this one!! There is something very alluring about the moon and I’ve seen dreamers like you and I, fall head over heels in love with Mr Moon. Don’t we? (My name means Full Moon .. 🙂 I’m not sure if that has anything to do with my liking for it.. The Moon is in itself a glory worth praising.) Love, Punam

    • Your name means Full Moon…wowowwow…well, now I understand why you loved this so much. Thanks again for your presence here and I hope you’ll visit again soon. Love xx

  53. Simply beautful!!! Chloe 😀 xx

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