bereft of knowledge

clusters of fluttering words

hiatus of thoughts


©AvdL 2010


A peaceful Sunday for me, hope you have a good weekend wherever you are. Much love xx


35 Responses to “NARROW DAYLIGHT”

  1. I only wish I could take a hiatus of thoughts! Enjoy your rest…May it be peaceful.

  2. Carol Ann Hoel Says:

    Thank you for the great music and Haiku. Enjoy your pleasant Sunday of peace. We, too, plan to take pleasure in a peaceful Sunday. Blessings to you, Amanda… xxoo

  3. It does sound peaceful, your words and music – nice to leave the old thoughts behind sometimes. Love to you…

  4. Diana Krall grew up on the island neighbouring mine. I love that her rise to stardom was so quiet, so authentic, so uncluttered. Just like your lovely poem, Amanda, that sets the mood. Hope you have a weekend that you love.

    • There’s not any of her music I dont have…she soothes my soul and is so talented. Mostly jazz and I love it so…hope yours is a peaceful weekend too dearest Amy. Big hugs xoxoxox

  5. So, so, so beautifully put, Amanda! Enjoy your Sunday… xxx

  6. Peace to you, my angel.
    We are nuts about Ms Krall 🙂

  7. My Sunday has just started…thanks for sharing your peace and words with us….a wonderful way to start my day!xx

  8. Is this good news or are you needing a rest … It’s lovely though. 🙂
    Hope life is treating you well. xx

  9. very apt description of some poetries, where poet only plays with beautiful lovely words.

    have a beautiful sunday. 🙂

  10. amazingly beautiful pic.

  11. My Sunday’s become much better reading your Haiku.. 🙂 xox


    Happy weekend.. Loads of Love.. have Fun. Claim your awards.. Pass it on if you so wish to.. 😀 xoxox

  13. Can relate to the feeling expressed in this poem. Happy Sunday, Amanda 🙂

  14. Thoughts Not Lost Says:

    Love, love. BTW friend where do you find all of these amazing pictures? Hugs!

  15. Nicely done haiku, Amanda…you captured the feelings that many experience in such a wonderful way. Nice piece for a Sunday 🙂

  16. Ah, just lovely, Amanda! So glad you’ve had a peaceful Sunday 🙂

  17. Love the haiku and the song…but you have such a gift for pairing the two..have a great dey!

  18. Ths is a lovely haiku

  19. I have to agree with Charles…you have such a gift at pairing perfect music to your poetry…and your images are always stunning to me too. Hope you are having a beautiful week my dear friend xx

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