Pyramids of silver ( for Poetry Potluck)



slow evolution

of muscular peaks

earth meets the sky

and butterflies dance

in a forgotten valley

a landscape of dreams

so majestic and tall

hiding  secrets

in untamed glory

of you and I


we walked the shore

my shadow and I

untrammelled beauty

white crescent of beach

crashing waves thunder

in a pyramid of silver

her carpet of blue

lonely desolation

in majestic thoughts

of you and I


©AvdL 2010

I wrote this for Poetry Potluck… Please do check out the other amazing creative writes.




106 Responses to “Pyramids of silver ( for Poetry Potluck)”

  1. You are so beautifully eloquent, Buttercup. I think you have a very romantic soul!

    xoxo Gayle

  2. magical place to be,
    the image is breath taking!

    your poem takes us to HEAVEN on earth,
    fabulous potluck entry.


  3. Pyraminds of silver, like a slow deep breath, has a wonderfully calming effect on a noisy brain

  4. What a beautiful poem. It has such a smooth flow to it.

    Mine is here.

  5. Must be quite the relationship with lots of profound, moving memories. Thank you for writing (and sharing) this poem.

  6. I really like your blog, because you always take me to different places, unearthy places… amazing places.

    It is like traveling for me, so thanks for sharing 😀

  7. Beautiful poem, Amanda; you’re talent just keeps blooming every day it seems. The choice of music from the Greatest Band Ever…Excellent! 🙂

    Another Trifecta 🙂

  8. Amanda this is just brilliant and beautiful…and as always the music is perfect!

  9. signed .............bkm Says:

    very nice…my shadow and I….really like that…bkm

  10. …we walked the shore

    my shadow and I

    untrammelled beauty

    white crescent of beach

    crashing waves thunder

    in a pyramid of silver

    her carpet of blue

    lonely desolation

    in majestic thoughts

    of you and I…

    …luv these lines…very vivid post.

  11. Ah beautiful! And the image! Pink Floyd’s Marooned is perfect too. You have done it again with a special “Amanda”-package for the reader.

  12. The video on this post is magnificent! The water so blue rolls, wave after wave, changing color as water depth changes. Nature is so awesome and your verses describe the scenes perfectly and infuse emotion into every line. Thank you for sharing your artful creations. Blessings to you, Amanda.

  13. Really beautiful poem, Amanda. And the music is perfect. They inspire each other. And you inspire me. Hugs!

  14. Absolutely beautiful!
    Your images are always so unique and the video just drops me right in.

  15. Beautifully picturised the mountain and the sea and ended with the same thought.. I liked it much.. thanks for sharing…

    जय दुर्गा जी, जय काली माँ
    Jai Durga ji, Jai Kali Ma
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  16. I love it, was transported.
    Have a beautiful week.

  17. What an yummy treat for Monday Potluck.. I couldn’t help myself imagining standing inside that beautiful image..
    Breathtakingly serene.. Wonderfully penned some very emotional thoughts..
    Hugs- xoxoxox

  18. Such a lovely fantasy. I like it! 🙂 … and the illustration.

    Have a fun potluck. Thanks for getting everything set up.

    Hugs! xx

  19. Lovely images, Amanda… I could feel the cool salt air! Beautiful, my friend. xxx

  20. I just loved this poem. Its so beautiful and descriptive, painting a perfect picture of beauty. The photograph is awesome. 🙂

    i just love your posts amanda. they are too beautiful and artistic.

  21. Beautiful poem. great images in my mind and feelings in my heart …love it all! xx

  22. simplicity reigns, buttercup reigns..

  23. M’Lady Amanda,
    Your majesty o’er the mountains and seas of timely words is stunning! 🙂

  24. What a wonderful interlude, thank you, Amanda! I run out of adjectives for your exquisite posts 🙂

  25. What a sweet poem and pic 🙂 I love it!

  26. Creative, breathtaking stuff. It’s got a smooth flow and a delightful evocation of imagery. Sweet serenity.

  27. Beautiful scenery.

  28. Words and image of the highest quality, my friend.

  29. thoughtsnotlost Says:

    Amazing, magnificent, spectacular…and I could go on and on. LOVE this my friend, love this.

  30. What a beautiful image you have painted. ‘landscape of dreams’ indeed. I loved the entire feeling and flow. Beautiful!

  31. You captured the beauty and majesty wonderfully. Beautiful! XX

  32. Stephanie Says:

    Beautiful poem. I enjoyed it very much.

  33. Gorgeus words on mountains and beaches…I was walking in your shadow! Beautiful! Happy Potluck and Have a blessed week! Love to you, my sweet friend. 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoHeartspell

  34. Such a soft and lovely mood evoked through your words…so perfect with the theme.

    And I loved the Pink Flloyd!

  35. Ah that’s beautiful Amanda. Btw where can I get the HTML code for the Jingle Poetry link badge so I can display it down the R-hand side of my blog? (nicer than just a blogroll link). I want to support it.

    Warmest Salad, girlfriend!

    Luke x

    • Hi Luke, the HTML code is right under the badge (just above the twitter sign) on Jingle’s Poetry Page. Take care my friend and warmest salad right back at yah!! 🙂 hugs xx

    • So happy you got featured today Luke, you deserve every bit and I’ll come over soon to leave a message. Hope the HTML thingy worked ? Warmest salad right bach at you 🙂 Hugs xx

  36. lovely words gorgeous imagery

  37. Shimmering on the water, surface to see
    The dance is mesmerizing in front of me
    From waterfalls to lagoons and bays
    The flow of this direction is always one way
    To sit below in stillness and ease
    Finally the motion of silver has come with peace

    enjoy my Dearest Buttercup(+)

    • Awwwwww this was just unbelievable, I am going to save this special wonderful words you have created here…I felt every moment of the peace in your words…and just sitt in the stillness. You are special my friend, thanks so very much. Big hugs xxx

  38. When I enter your blog-space I always gasp. Your images are so incredible with poems to match. Lovely work, Amanda.

  39. Beautifully written and wonderful image, sorry for coming back late, my headache is acting up again and I still not feeling good XD =)

  40. systematicweasel Says:

    Wonderful post, and excellent use of Pink Floyd’s music! =)


  41. I love love this piece I had to tweet it!!! Thanks for reading my potluck piece as well!!!

  42. This was a very elegantly written, extremely beautiful piece Amanda…and the picture is just wow!! You have once again done a fine job of amazing me with your words..
    yummy poem for the potluck 🙂

  43. Mandy, this is just elegant.. amazing imagery.. the butterflies dancing especially took my breath away! 😀 I’m glad I reviewd this fantastic blog when I got the chance! 🙂

    My entries at the Potluck are Lonely, Waves & Morning Mist. Do visit if you can 🙂

  44. This was so pretty!

  45. NotATameLion Says:

    Majesty indeed…beautiful. There is an inexorable movement echoing through these lines.

    Thank you for the poem.

  46. ladynimue Says:

    this was one of the magical words i read on your blog .. you make me wish to go there right now !!! love to read you 🙂

  47. enrapturing and soulful

  48. I LOVE that you connect music and image with your poetry…this is beautiful and grand! Awesome in its pure form!

    muchos besitos para tu

  49. This is one of my favourites of yours Amanda – your imagery here rocks! Mwah! xx

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