Rules of love?







put at ease

fact or deceit

face to face

eye to eye

mouth to mouth

the canvas changes

what to believe

who to trust




the rules of love?


©AvdL 201

74 Responses to “Rules of love?”

  1. the canvas changes… ah, yes ms b. I love the mystery of this!

  2. Oh, how that canvas changes. I guess that’s what life is about–change–nothing is permanent…

    And another great song–love Gwen Stefani!!!

  3. what an intriguing picture…who to believe…that is a great question…i find the short list of people there at the end very interesting…

  4. oh, sorry…happy One Shot…great to see you! smiles.

  5. The transition from causal conversation to a potential relationship when unexpected ‘brings on many changes’ as the song says…an interesting structure to the poem and image…you always provoke thought with your words.

  6. this is deep, layered – the changing canvas of life, it really is like that, isn’t it?

  7. Wonderful write…I love the last five lines…the question it poses is way beyond mere thoughts…Nice one shot!


  8. Lori (JaneBeNimble) Says:

    Hi Buttercup!
    How ya’ been?
    Love this One Shot. It sank into my skin and pulled at my soul. Excellent!
    Cheers, lovely beautiful siren.

  9. betweenhearts75 Says:

    Beautifully written….such questions, speculation, fact or deceit…I am stepping into a slight bit of unchartered territories, excited and hope hope hope it is good…still I get nervous…new placements for me…and I am just…me. 🙂 You got me thinking before sleep yet again, as I seem to come here lately at night (now near 1 am) maybe something good of your words soak into dreaming 🙂 ~ I think this will be a good slight change for me, maybe.

  10. It does make you think, especially the last few lines about friends and enemies… Well written, Amanda! xxx

  11. That canvas does change …
    A poem to keep in my head for the day, thanks 🙂

  12. Canvas Changes…What to believe?and Who to trust!…deep emotions and thread of thought here for me…xx

  13. friend enemy lover – sometimes one person is all
    oh how the dearest person is our downfall and undoing

    great one shot buttercup!

  14. i like this.
    is this what is called a list poem

  15. your words are very powerful! super day to you xxx

  16. Most enigmatic, Amanda!

  17. Was digging the beginning, but then the canvas changed and kicked the poem into overdrive. That shift is very telling. Excellent poem, Amanda. hugs and thank you 🙂

  18. Really like the writing Amanda. Similar, very similar, thoughts roll around in my head.

  19. Powerful words, darling. The picture is very unusual. I like it. What a perfect song for the poem. Great job! 🙂

  20. Sometimes, there is a fine line between those relationships and they can shift in an instant. Great One Shot.

  21. I love the ponderous nature of this poem.

  22. A many-layered ponderable poem, gently nuanced. Nice! Thanks, Amanda! Happy days … Hugs!xx

    • True, but pondering’s good sometimes, don’t you think? Hugs always Jamie xxx

      • Ha! Sorry, Amanda… I meant “ponder” as in thinking about, “ponderable” as in able to be appreciated, not as in “ponderous” as in clumsy, awkward, lumbering …

        Had to look up ponderable. Though maybe I was making up words again … a new habit … disconcerting. 🙂 Wouldn’t surprise me. Seems to be my new retirement thing.

        Thanks for bringing it to my attention, my friend. Love –

  23. we should trust our soul and judge the words said by all others with as much neutrality as possible.

  24. Challenging verse, Amanda! Look, test, try, see, learn, change, all encompassed in your verse. Betrayal and deceit discovered, challenged, condemned, received in pain, and repudiated in spirit. The end of your verse proclaims victory in the relentless pursuit of truth, the exposure of lies and liars. The question demanding an answer… who to trust? Thank you for another great piece of art in three dimensional media. Blessings to you…

  25. Life changes and sometimes deceives, and so do the seasons. Is that a worm I see in the apple?

  26. I love this! Great piece! =)

  27. This is a beautiful poem, the construction from beginning to end carries the emotion of it perfectly; the sadness and truth of it sticks in the throat on reading making the piece…exquisite.

    Big Hugs

  28. The ending of this one is really good. I enjoyed the Friend. Enemy. Lover. Was a very strong end to an excellent piece 🙂

  29. This one twisted around on itself. A brief but strong One Shot, buttercup!

  30. good flow especially when the canvas changed…thanks my Dearest Buttercup..enjoyed as well(+)

  31. Amanda….I have just caught up since the last time I visited…..girl your writing is stunningly beautifull…..I love this blog……I can do nothing but give you a standing ovation….sjis mens….jy praat so reg met my siel….
    mooi bly en baie groete en drukkies…

    • Wowowowow, now such a compliment made me smile!! Ek dink ons manier van skryf is baie dieslefde…ek voel jou siel in jou woorde ook. So bly en dankie vir jou mooi woorde, baie drukkies en liefde vir jou ook 🙂 xx

  32. Oh yes…that ever-changing canvas.
    You have captured so much so succinctly.

  33. Who to trust? There are times when the answer becomes illusive.

  34. Love the way you created the shift. All the while, the ‘ears’ sit – vigilant.

  35. Cut to the core work about social intercourse – effective, admirable work.

  36. I like the write here. The last three lines were unexpected. Nice one shot. Love and Light, Sender

    • I send you love and light right back my dear friend and sorry for not being around….my life’s a bit busy this time of year (at the office) but promise to be back in no time again!! ) Biggest hugs xxx

  37. Patty Sherry Says:

    Oh I love this! Especially the canvas changes, love that you changed color. Once someone does speak, it all does change, and sometimes what you feared is confirmed or what you expected becomes something different. xo

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