Beyond the Invisible




nebulous depth

sipping droplets of your love

brittleness of life



©AvdL 2010




42 Responses to “Beyond the Invisible”

  1. Very nice, Amanda – life is brittle, isn’t it… xxx

  2. What a haiku! This is what i will call a piece of art.
    lots of love.

  3. anything is possible! have a great evening 🙂

  4. Life sure is brittle…handle with care.

  5. simple but cool…
    authentic art.

  6. lifeinarecipe Says:

    I think with this you have mastered the art of saying a whole lot with few words…wonderful!

  7. The combination of the words and the image speaks volumes…a beautiful poem embedded with the sadness of the heart.

  8. Casts a spell of hidden treasures luring and captivating… What a combination of three media! You build a path to the ultimate height of desire for the seemingly unattainable prize… You really have a talent for the arts and a creative ability that continues to amaze me, Amanda. Blessings to you, my friend across the water…xxoo

    • Phewwww….I am going to keep this comment and read it over and over…what wonderful gift you have with words my dearest Carol. I send you the biggest hugs ever across the water…oxoxox

  9. ah, your words invite me to taste of the incomprehensible vagaries of life…

  10. You are becoming quite adept at Haiku…and I love Haiku 🙂

  11. ..a few words…with as many aspects as the picture above….

  12. Life can go in a “snap”!

    Love your haiku, Amanda.

  13. Excellent haiku. You bring up strong emotion 🙂

  14. from Haiku Height,
    love to see you in.

  15. ladynimue Says:

    My busy days keeping me away from reading blogs .. miss you loads !! and oh, this was fantabulous 🙂

  16. DiamondsAndDogs Says:

    Loved the line “sipping droplets of your love.” I hope you are well. Take care!

    • I am very well, just so busy this time of year as everyone screams for last minute orders…but all good!! Glad you enjoyed the read my dearest Jhannet…biggest hugs always xxx

  17. Your words are beautifully distilled.

  18. omg! this is such a wonderful photo! on second look i only found out the magical image of it!

    and your nebulous depth is so apt with the photo! loved it!

  19. Oh my. Yes. Life does sometimes seem brittle. Nice haiku.

    I note you named the art work “beyond the invisible” … it’s an interesting piece and the name makes it more so.

    Well done.

    Hope life is treating you well. Hugs! xx

  20. Exquisitely enigmatic, Amanda…xo

  21. Love and the realization of impermanence. Nice haiku!

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