in my awaken dreams

I want wings to fly

where night never falls

I’ll leap from that cliff

reawakening of life

no more room for ashes

in my country of thoughts

where beauty unfolds

from all it has known

with no end in sight

my flight in transparency

moulding my untold wishes

like a butterfly I’ll soar


©AvdL 2010


57 Responses to “I BELIEVE I CAN FLY”

  1. Amanda: I wish I could fly too.. believing will take a lot of time. 🙂 Nice poem.

  2. AMEN..!!
    I too believe I fly.. Loads of wishes and Love.. 😀 Believing is what will make you fly.. xox

    • Ditto girlfriend…you have the right idea too…it’s all in our mind 🙂 Loads of lovies to you too…have a wonderful day…(think you’re in lala land right now) mwah xx

  3. What an image- Mandies.. you do so well with the images.. That woman with butterfly wings is just me.. 🙂 Very powerful Dear.. Hugs- xoxox

  4. “my flight in transparency”
    You do use interesting imagery.

    I like the way you augment each post with striking pictures and music.


    • :)…I love it so Thys…has to match 🙂 Writing the poem’s easy, finding the right image and video, hmmmm….another story altogether!! Have a good day my friend xxx

  5. Lovely, Amanda! I agree, we can all fly – we just need the confidence to do so… Love you xxx

  6. Up, up and away
    my beautiful balloon 🙂
    Love you, special lady.

  7. you can certainly fly. angels can fly. 🙂

    a wonderful, beautiful and gloriously hopeful poem.

  8. divine….….magical transformation…

    Mirror tells me everyday…….learn to be…butterfly just a day for today.

    please view all posts on butterflies….





    butterflies in the garden…a childhood delight…..now wisdom light….

    love all..

  9. Jessicas Japes Says:

    Very emotive poem, Amanda.

  10. kelleygrrl Says:

    Lovely…actually kind of dreamy.

  11. I love the thought that conceived this line “in my country of thoughts”….beautiful work.


  12. “Here inside my paper cup…everything is looking up!” Maybe I will learn fly and join you in the sky…another fine poem.

  13. Ah! you will! 🙂
    I love that idea, Beautiful!

  14. You fly, dear one, you fly… and your words transport me away too. Thank you!

  15. You soar, girlfriend. High!

  16. BTW…I have such a hard time believing English is a second language. I knew it but….wow!
    Thanks for your comment on my posts.

  17. Beautiful creation in multi-media, Amanda. The verse touches my heart. The image of the woman wrapped in butterfly wings is mesmerizing. The video is calming and peaceful. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us. Blessings to you…

  18. Soaring with love … so delicately!
    Beautiful 🙂 Amanda
    Peace xx

  19. …I`ll send you gentle winds…to lift you up….but promise me you will return !!!!!

  20. Angela Cohan Says:

    Your poem is exquisite.

  21. I wish I could fly,too!Dreams and wishes.That’s what makes this life more beautiful.Sometimes I look at the Butterfly with envy,sometimes.And wish that I too have wings to soar the sky !

    Thanks for sharing!Absolutely lovely one-shot!

  22. BEautiful poem, image and song…thank you for the dream time 🙂

  23. I wish to fly like that,
    awesome imagery,
    stunning words.

    keep rocking.

  24. Yes you will, Ms B– it’s all looking up!

  25. this is beautiful…for some reason, it seems a lot of poets are attached to the idea of “flight”, rising above.
    Very nice!


  26. Your spirit soars. Your words have wings.

    Love poem and post, dear Amanda. So you!

    Hugs! xx

  27. dream8land Says:

    ya we should all fly at a moment … fly away from reality

  28. I too want wings to fly. Not the waxy kind of course, I’ve had those already. Kansas alluded to it in the olden days but Iron Maiden did it definitively.

    Your imagery is beautiful and combined with the picture, even more evocative. Plus the food pictures in your recent entries are just smashing!

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