Metamorphosis 2




sea of emotion

storm swirling over the waves

buffeting my heart


winds slowly subside

rainbow on the horizon

brings calm to my soul



59 Responses to “Metamorphosis 2”

  1. I was burned out from exhaustion buried in the hail
    Poisoned in the bushes and blown out on the trail
    Hunted like a crocodile ravaged in the corn
    “Come in” she said
    “I’ll give you shelter from the storm”.
    Bob Dylan


  2. divine…..first you have to like….good insights….
    love all..

  3. The shift – well executed, Amanda.

  4. strong words again my friend xxx

  5. This is such a lovely description, Amanda – the calm after the storm – very well executed! xxx

  6. Beautiful words and a brilliant description.

    ~Casey Kay~

  7. this is heartfelt emotion,
    the image tells it well.
    your words flow very powerfully and lovely to tickle readers.
    beautiful job.
    have a fun Tuesday!

  8. Beautiful metamorphosis, wildest storm into deepest calm. Love the words and music, awesome image too.

  9. Beautiful images starting and continuing throughout the video, a dream-like series of calm, peaceful scenes of nature, with music morphing from quiet to excited. Your two Haiku verses speak of storms assailing the heart changing into a rainbow of hope… I am bedazzled by your work of art. Thank you for sharing, my friend, Amanda… xxoo… Blessings…

  10. Strong words.. as always.. 🙂

  11. its gorgeous amanda! simply gorgeous. that sketch is a masterpiece.

  12. Beautiful Amanda 🙂
    I enjoyed so much,
    Peace, xx

  13. Love your imagery here buttercup! 🙂 XX

  14. Really love the poem and the music with slideshow…nice break in my day.

  15. lovely. You are good. Read your post about yr journey.. I too am journeying.. isn’t always easy, huh?

    Luke xx

  16. You write such beautiful haikus…such a lovely flow.

  17. Thanks. I could use a rainbow. – bill

  18. Ahhhh! I feel so calm now…

    Lovely, Amanda.

  19. your choice of pix is amazing. That pic is simply breathtakingly beautiful.

  20. Really lovely haiku 🙂 The lines are very well thought out and a lot is expressed in these short passages. Excellent work 🙂

  21. beautifully written! Very calming imagery!

  22. danroberson Says:

    Buffeted by the storm, and then calm. Excellent imagery.

  23. lifeinarecipe Says:

    Loved it!

  24. I SO love this

  25. . . . and haiku descriptions, too cool! :):):)

  26. This is just lovely, Amanda. I’m so happy you are finding calm in your soul. That’s the true pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Sending hugs your way. xoxo


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  28. simple beautiful and to the point

  29. Beautiful thank you

  30. That’s the great bit about life, you know. Those winds will always subside…

    Thanks for sharing.

  31. Seaful of emotions Amanda.
    Sometimes I wonder how can little ladies handle so much emotions.
    Nice read

  32. This is a very vivid and colorful poem and picture that you have coupled with it. Nice job!

  33. Find shelter in the beauty of our soul.

    Amanda, I keep meaning to say how impressed I am with the range of musical pieces you present on your site.


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