Flood Disaster

A NATIONAL DISASTER is unfolding here….we’re bracing ourselves for more rain over the next couple of days, I have never ever in my entire life seen anything like this.  The Brisbane River has broken its banks with  evacuations underway in the heart of the city amid fears Brisbane and surroundings will see its worst flooding ever.  Public transport has been cancelled, talks of closing down  Brisbane Airport is a possibility and there are practically no mobile phone reception.  Where I am, the roads are closed within a proximity of +/- 10 km all around and as I type this, it is so very dark outside, (almost 2pm) with thunder and lightning everywhere.  Please keep those who are unaccounted for in your heart and prayers…we have not seen the end.



41 Responses to “Flood Disaster”

  1. Oh Amanda, how terribly frightening. I hope you are safe. Prayers for everyone !!

  2. *Heart*…thanks my friend oxo

  3. Oh my dear Amanda please take care of yourself…although god shall be surprised to hear from me…I shall be praying for your safety.

    • *Smiling* thanks Charlie…exactly what I would say!! All’s well here, will only know the true crises tomorrow, water is still rising as I type this. Think I’ll be good, house is quite high but one never can be too sure. Just devastating surroundings. Thanks for the thoughts my friend *heart*.

  4. I’ve been watching the news unfold and been so worried about you. My thoughts are with you all. xxx

    • Thanks girlfriend…all good still, I appreciate your thoughts so much. Will send you an email re package later (internet connection on and off all the time) Lovies to all my friend oxo

  5. take care and be safe…

  6. gracefulglider Says:

    Buttercup, watched it on news, and knowing now that’s your home.. i Pray for you and yours.

    Bless! xox

  7. stay safe and dry and indoors xox

  8. Amanda – this is heart-wrenching…I pray that you are safe and that this unprecedented disaster comes to an end – and soon. Thinking of you and your loved ones xx

    • Thanks my friend, it is just devastating to see. My heart bleeds for those who have lost loved ones and everything. I am the lucky one still. I appreciate your thoughts. Hugs oxoxoxo

  9. Take care Ms B– the danger can be so sudden and the water is so strong. I am holding you, and all who are lost, in the light.

  10. I’m praying you’ll be safe.. take care..

  11. Amanda, please be very cautious if you have to go out in the weather. I hope you are in a safe place away from a flood zone. My thoughts for safety are going out to all. xoxo

  12. DiamondsAndDogs Says:

    Please, please, please take care of yourself! My thoughts are with you. D.

  13. God…I heard about that on the BBC, and have been watching it unfold…be careful, be safe. All the best to you and your loved ones there – like the many posting here, you’re in my thoughts, and so’s an end to that flood.

  14. I couldn’t even begin to imagine the devastation going on there. Be safe dear.

  15. Oh, Amanda, may God be with you through this. How frightening! Watching peoples’ cars slide into the raging waters was heart breaking and scary. My heart goes out to the people of Australia enduring this horror. We will keep you all in our prayers. May you be safe and may this end. Blessings…

    • I am the lucky one still Carol, we are still finding out about the true devastation on the hour and the water levels have not risen fully. By tomorrow this time we will know for sure. I take your thoughts and words and cherish in deep within my heart. Thank you so very much. Love oxox

  16. best wishes…
    scary scenes there…

    God Bless.

  17. Yes, I’ve read about this. You and all those affected are in my prayers. I live near a river that has flooded twice. It is such a helpless feeling. Be safe, dear Amanda.

    • Thanks Victoria, I live on a canal as well and had been flooded the same time last year, the whole garden and pool was just a mudbath. Luckily my house sits quite high….I appreciate your thoughts so very much. Thanks my friend. oxo

  18. I pray for all of you to God and hope everything soon will be OK.

  19. lifeinarecipe Says:

    I worry for you and hope that you remain safe and sound. My heart goes out to all those affected and I pray that everyone finds some safety and peace. Take care friend! xoxo

  20. Good God Girl.. this is really scary! This reminds of those Bombay floods… I wasn’t there then, but was scared out of my wits!!!
    You take care, darling…
    I hope the Rain Gods decide to ease down soon enough..

  21. Amanda! What an ordeal you are living through. I saw your video when you first posted it and watched it a couple times with the kids. Unbelievable, and how the cars all stacked up like that. Gives a whole new meaning to the FORCES of nature. I was later on YouTube and saw the same video with 2.6 million hits! Wish you’d give us an update.

  22. I didn’t realize you were posting regularly again.

    Amanda, so kind of you to take that family in and, although, solitude is welcome, perhaps it is well right now to have others around.

    Please keep safe and keep us up-to-date.

    In metta,

  23. Oh no, Amanda, too terrifying. You’re all held in our thoughts and prayers, xo

  24. Thats scary! My prayres are with you all. hope the rain will stop soon and the water will recede.

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