fading brightness

from mountains of glory

to canyons of fate

golden shades melting

turning into brown

the stars have dimmed

in the sky once bright

shine your rainbow prism

through the rift of clouds

where my feet will follow

and my heart will hold

visions of the dark night

  this never-ending rain

full of sorrow and pain

where my hands bleed

against my aching heart


©AvdL 2011



37 Responses to “PRISMS OF FATE”

  1. My heart goes out to all those affected by the world-wide weather phenomena.

  2. This is so reminiscent of the floods, Amanda… sad and tight!
    And yet, the immense beauty in this poem is just like that of mother nature… gentle, and yet bold!
    Very beautiful, my dear…
    And OH YEA, it is soooo good to have you back!!! 🙂

  3. the tv coverage is scary and awesome at the same time – like when we have fires here xox

  4. A beautiful elegy to what has been lost. Keep your heart safe, my friend.

  5. Beautiful imagery, I could think of the setting sun throwing it’s golden light on mountains, slowly fading into twilight, and then the black of the night. You really have a way with bringing out emotions using such vivid imagery. Always a delight to read your poetry. Wonderful poem!

  6. Nice. Great photo.

  7. A beautiful poem about such deep sadness and pain for so many….stay safe my friend.

  8. Very deep and sad. Hope you are safe, I have some friends in Australia who have been sending pictures it looks quite terrible. Hope you are safe.

  9. Song is so good and felt releived to see your post.
    Let us hope the damage of floods is minimum.

  10. This one started out colorfully but ended in anguish – quite a turn-around, emphasized by the difference. Makes my hug reflex tingle. Strong stuff, Buttercup!

  11. Words I know came right from your heart, Amanda. I pray that the rainbow will soon arc over Australia bringing hope and healing to your land. Blessings coming now for you and all your people…

    • I know your words come from your heart too Carol…. and I thank you. Love from your friend in Oz oxoxox

      • Ha! I bet you feel like you have been tossed inside the winds of a hurricane and dropped into the Land of Oz! May you soon be able to click your shiny red shoes together and wish yourself back to beautiful Australia. It will happen.

  12. Sad, heartfelt–hope your family and friends are safe.

  13. I’ve been thinking of you and praying for everyone over there…we’re having bushfires over here in WA. Keep safe. Heart and soul, my friend xx

  14. Awww….there you are – still full of verse and beauty. Thanks, Amanda, and I pray that the horror is receding!

  15. Beautifully done.

  16. Exquisite writing and song…the final two lines slice so deep.

  17. Terrific. Gorgeous poem and gorgeous pic.

  18. WOW………. Girlfriend your poem and song has just expressed what has been going on the past few weeks. It has been devastating these FLOODS but it is amazing how everyone comes together to lend one another a hand in these tough times. It is so great to have you back on your BLOG! You inspire so many people Luv you lots my friend xxoo

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