Sculptured Desires




mortals in motion

sometimes opposed

at times behind

often always


for their own glee


with motives

but you


and I observe

 listening to you

in sheer radiance

 I bathe in your


where I linger

as you tease

the sculptured

desires of my heart


©AvdL 2011

38 Responses to “Sculptured Desires”

  1. absolutely beautiful!

  2. those lips remind me of the Rocky Horror Picture Show! I am glad you are posting – that means you are still safe xox

  3. Nice metre, good pace, great graphic!

  4. dear and divine….dramatic and nice poem…
    test for the taste….but mostly fail in haste….so no ease but tease….. but to know ease one has to know tease….of desires….for lease of new life….
    love all..

  5. LOVE Nina Simone! LOVE clay-mation! LOVE this post!

    (LOVE you too, Buttercup!) 🙂

  6. Your skillfully constructed phrases build to the middle where focus turns to one that stands out, personalizes, and changes mood entirely. Beautifully written. The song was a perfect match. Blessings to you, Amanda…

  7. A very romantic one, Buttercup 🙂
    Peace to you,

  8. Lovely, Amanda! I see you haven’t lost your touch… Keep safe xxx

  9. I must agree with Cindy this is absolutely brilliant!

  10. I like the latter part of this, Amanda, and the ‘sculptured’ phrase. That image is a bit yucky!!

  11. (Oh crap! Where’d my earlier comment go? I’ll see if I can reitterate…)

    LOVE Nina Simone! LOVE clay-mation! LOVE this post!

    (And LOVE you too, Buttercup!) 🙂

  12. Wow, powerful imagery, Amanda – brilliant!

  13. “The sculptured desires of my heart” So delicious… Well done, Amanda. Such a treat to read your masterful writings.


  14. fabulous,
    the image is powerful and gives one instant feel…
    Happy Friday!

  15. congrats on your perfect poet award wk 37.. here’s mine for this thursday..

  16. i thought that i have posted a comment in this post last night! it seems i missed it.

  17. I loved the last couple lines of this one. Very beautiful imagery.

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