Thinking out Loud


the labyrinthine mazes

of things to come

soaring within

imagery thoughts


within carnal


my soul pulsing

within reflection

of my being

I wish to dance

within the warmth

of your naked soul

where you

paint the essence

of my fervor

allowing velvet


on the canvas

of my emotions


as I dream

of loving


©AvdL 2015


2 Responses to “Thinking out Loud”

  1. Your poetry and music selections alway stir my emotions…you remind me of the warmth and beauty that love provides…as well as its pain…I had to smile as I listen to the song and thought about the poem…wishing much love in your life.

    • Ahhh there you are my sweet Charlie, you always warm my heart with your comments…thank you my friend. Hoping all is well in your world and sending you much love always. xxx

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